Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[Paris] Frenchie Bar a Vins

Just landed Hong Kong yesterday afternoon and have to get ready for a business trip to Montreal today T_T  This is my shortest turnaround to date yet.  (Call my boss intense...)  Anyways, since I am jet-lag and unloading the pictures I have taken during my vacation, I decided to do a quick post on Frenchie Bar a Vins, which is one of the best meals I had on vacation.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

[Taipei] MUME

I am truly flattered by all the recent "follows" on my Taiwan collection... your appreciation is my fuel and I will try to write as much as I can of what I have seen, tasted, and experienced in the treasure island (寶島) aka Taiwan.  (In fact, I just came back from a 3-week business trip from Taipei so I got lots to share, just not enough time...)

In the past, when I go to Taiwan, food that immediately comes to mind are local snacks, cheap food, and beef noodles!  Rarely does the word "fine dining" comes to mind.  Recently, it has been changed as a wave of modern western restaurants opened in Taipei.  The good news - most of them are quite affordable - thanks to the lower cost of living in Taiwan compared to its neighbors such as Hong Kong, Japan, etc.  I have been wanting to try MUME ever since it has opened.  The chefs' CV alone is impressive enough and there were a lot of raving reviews.  Needless to say, my expectation is high.  Verdict:  I was NOT disappointed!


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