Saturday, June 6, 2015

Uluru 3D2N Camping Tour with Emu Run

I have been incredibly busy since 2015 started but hopefully if you followed my Instagram you can still see glimpses of my life.  Very behind on my blog updates but I haven't given up.  I will try my best to catch up and let's start with my most recent camping trip to Uluru, Australia with Emu Run.  (More photos to follow!)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Night Markets of Taipei (2): Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market (華西街觀光夜市)

Another market close to the Taipei Station.  Just by telling from the name, you can see Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market is catered towards tourists.  It is actually well-known for the exotics (e.g. snakes) but there are plenty of choices for non-exotic folks like us as well :)

Huaxi during the day

Tai Chung Wah Restaurant (大中華飯店)

I finally got around to get this one up - it took me a while to find where I saved the photos...  The photos are taken by my friend (Ines) when we came here together with the rest of our group around November 2013... (ya, I know... it's been a while...)  We designate her to be the official photographer for the event... (because I was too busy eating!)  She also did a write up on this one (much timelier than me...) on her blog.  Make sure you check it out too! 

Tai Chung Wah Restaurant is probably the most well-known Dai Pai Dong in Cheung Sha Wan.  As a lover of Dai Pai Dong, of course I have to check it out.  The restaurant occupies the whole "block" and they even have several kitchen, each specialized in one type of food.  (e.g. claypot, kitchen, bar, etc.)  It is really cool to see how it evolved over the years.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Night Markets of Taipei (1): Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市)

I love going to night markets when I am in Taipei.  There are at least 6 night markets (Ningxia 寧夏, Huaxi 華西, Shida 師大, Tonghua 通化, Shihlin 士林, Raohe 饒河) and each of them is similar yet different.  In the next few posts, I will walk you through each of the night markets I've been and some of the shops I went or peaked my interest.  Hope you will find this helpful and enjoy!

Ningxia is the nearest one from Taipei Station.  It is also my favorite.  It offers a wide variety of Taiwanese snacks and most of them are very tasty.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Somboon Seafood (建興酒家) @ Siam Square One

Somboon Seafood (建興酒家) is well known for its fried curry crab and has been featured in various travel guides and blogs alike.  Yet, it's no secret that Bangkok taxi drivers would scam unsuspecting travelers and/or diners to it's infamous twin - Somboon Dee - to receive a kickback.


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