Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Perth Trip Recap (1)

I just came back from a 15-day trip to Perth and a loop in southwestern Australia.  I definitely fell in love with Western Australia and can't wait to go back and see more!

Since there are not many travel guides for Western Australia, I am going to post a recap of my trip hoping it might be helpful to some of you (and I can re-live my trip too!)  My friend and I did spent over a month planning this trip and researching for the best deal along the way... I have to say, it was definitely a big success!  Planning is power!

Day 0 - 1 - Hong Kong / Perth / Busselton / Margaret River

My friend and I took a direct flight from Hong Kong departing 11:30pm arriving at 7:30am to Perth.  (Yeah to no time difference!) 

final call... seriously!?!?

reminds me of Dallas, Texas
on time arrival :)

hello Perth
We bought a prepaid SIM card at the airport and rented a car for a week since it offers us more flexibility in the southwest.  Aussie drives on the right side of the car and left side of the road... It did take some time to adjust but luckily, there are very few traffic throughout our entire trip so it wasn't too bad.  We borrowed a GPS from our high school friend and off we went.  (The GPS is a true life-saver!)

our ride for the week
driving on the wrong side of the road
Our first stop was Busselton Jetty.  It was about a 3-hours drive from Perth to Busselton.  Unfortunately, it was a cold day and it was extra windy  (plus we were exhausted from our journey).  Therefore, we didn't walk out the jetty but just took some pictures at the Interpretive Center.  (I didn't go to the Underground Observatory either since I have seen things that were similar before and the tickets were just too expensive.)

Busselton Jetty

Love the color of the water

Train Jetty

Would have been a nice walk in a warmer day

After that, we stopped at Samovar for lunch.  Just like we were warned before, most shops close early, including restaurants.  We were lucky enough to got to the restaurant right before they took their last order.  I had the quiche and it was so yummy!  I can taste every ingredient and that's the time I decided this trip is going to be awesome (at least food-wise)

Hot latte

Quiche - delicious!

Mixed salad

Creamy potato soup

We were pretty much spent after lunch.  So instead of going to Dunsborough Bakery and Ngilgi Cave, we drove down to Margaret River and checked in at the youth hostel (YHA).

we even got a patio!

After a nap, we went for dinner.  Again, most places have already closed (it was only like 9pm).  Finally we found a wine bar that is still offering light snacks.  Turns out it was a place my friend had wanted to visit.  Again, food was delicious, especially the bacon!  Yum!!

Chic decor

Mmm... Bacon!

That pretty much wraps day 1... stay tuned for more :)


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