Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Myanmar / Thailand Trip Recap (3)

Day 3 - Yangon

It's a pretty laid back day as we spend most of the day visiting my mom's relatives and friends.  We ate breakfast at a different place and tried out various kinds of traditional goodies.  So good and so stuffed!!

so many choices!!!
bao zi and milk tea
seriously sounded like "wrap 5#17" in Cantonese... :S
kaw swe thokk
"kaw swe" means noodles and "thokk" means mix in Burmese
a glutenous rice dish with fresh shaved coconut
turmeric flavored rice with chickpeas 
shan kaw swe
Shan style noodles - Shan is a state in Myanmar
strawberry milkshake
Tip:  At these cafes, the servers will put a plate of food on your table that you did not order.  Don't stress about it or think that it's a scam.  You will only be charged for what you ate.  Typically it will be a dish that can be quantifiable, e.g. bun, samosa, etc.

For lunch and dinner, my aunt cooked us some amazing dishes.  Everything was so delicious I wish she lives closer so I can enjoy her cooking all the time.  It was no surprised that I gained weight this trip even with the rigorous walking and sweating...

Let the feast begin!!!
chin mon yue
vegetable with bamboo shoot and shrimp - taste sour and spicy, one of my favorites despite its looks
curry shrimp - these shrimps are so succulent!
curry mutton
another type of curry with fish
vegetable salad - yum, has peanut butter in it!
another type of curry with okra <3
In the afternoon, we visited Inya Kan ("Kan" means lake in Burmese) and had a relaxing afternoon and of course, more eating...  and no, we didn't meet Aung San Suu Kyi even though she lives in one of the lakefront properties there... 

Tip:  Aung San Suu Kyi is definitely highly revered by all the locals but I would exercise caution if you want to talk about her in the public...  You never know who is listening...  as always, use your common sense...  On the other hand, I have been explicitly warned not to take any pictures of the soldiers or any military structures...  Otherwise, Myanmar is a very safe place and all the people I met are very friendly.

Tip:  some of the popular tourist spots charge a camera or video fee.  This fee is typically 300 to 500 kyats for camera and around 1,000 kyats for video.  Or, you could be smart about it and hide your electronics in your bags.

this is where you pay for your rich-man toys...
Inya Kan 
popular "dating" site for the locals

chitlins 2.0 - and I thought only Chinese eat the weird stuff

some random snapshots of the neighborhood:

on the way to visit my uncle
mango tree in my aunt's backyard
beautiful flowers in my aunt's yard
jackfruit tree in a neighbor's house
taking a break
catching up? 


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