Monday, July 16, 2012

Rice Balls

Do you get bored eating the same thing everyday?  Do you whine and complain about the lack of rotation on the dinner table when you don't even need to lift a little finger and dinner is ready when you come home from work?  I do!  and yes, I know I am spoiled...

I just don't like to eat the same things all the time... e.g. steam chicken, steam fish, and stir-fry vegetables.  Two meals in a row is all I can stand for most dishes.  I applaud the people who can do it.  (e.g. the rest of my family)  Unfortunately for me, even if it's my favorite dish in the world, I can't eat it more than twice a month.  For the record, it's not like I need elaborated dishes everyday that will take 5 hours to cook... e.g. mohinga.  I can eat chicken everyday but I just want the chicken to be cooked in 7 different ways... is that too much to ask for? :'(

Consequently, I am always on the lookout for new recipes or new ways to make the everyday dishes more exciting and add it to the rotation.  This must be why fusion food is so popular these days... people are bored... I am bored...

On one of my grocery expedition recently, I saw this rice ball mode at the supermarket and I bought it instantly.  It's one of the simplest way I can think of to add a little fun back to my meal.  Somehow, a rice ball seems tastier compared to the everyday minced pork on rice.  It doesn't have to be minced pork, it could be minced beef, tuna, chicken salad, mentaiko (marinated pollock roe), etc.

And the best part, there is a film between the seaweed and the rice so the rice ball can be pre-made without the seaweed getting soggy!  I loved the thought process behind the design.  It must be why the Korean economy is doing so well these days :)  I <3 Koreans and their ingenious ideas!

roasted seaweed sheets with free rice ball mode

it comes with pictorial instructions!
the seaweeds are wrapped in individual sheets
first layer - rice
second layer - filling
third layer - more rice!
and yes, you don't need to remove the film between the seaweed and the rice! 
follow the instructions and fold accordingly
tape (included in the package)
and you are done!
best for picnics and lunches at the office!
*sorry for the difference in lighting on the pictures... I was playing around with the white balance on my camera.  I prefer the pictures that are more yellow-toned... what do you think?


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