Monday, September 3, 2012

The Economist

This is not my usual post about food or travel or etc.  This is a recent news article I read from Yahoo! Hong Kong which really got me thinking (or fuming rather)...

Click here for the full article.  In case you don't read Chinese, here is a summary:

A match making company targeted the bachelors and bachelorettes in Hong Kong who makes at least USD1M annually and marketed their service for $120,000 (it didin't say in the article but I suspect it's in HKD)

This $120K includes 12 date opportunities, dedicated personnel to follow-up and provide professional dating and styling tips.

Most men members are in their 30s and their criteria are "outstanding appearance, kick-ass body, studied abroad, have a certain degree of success / advancement in their career but is willing to become a stay-home mom once married".  A client even specified the woman must have the habit of reading "the Economist".

The women members are also in their 30s.  Most come from a wealthy family or have a successful career.  Since money isn't an issue for these women, most of them wants their potential partners to be artistic, and / or have other talents.   Money, as far as they are concerned, is secondary. 

Honestly, what are these men thinking?  If a woman took care of themselves, looking smoking hot in their 30s (which is a woman's prime by the way), has a successful career, do you seriously expect them to just give it all up and have your babies? 

I am not saying a woman won't give everything up for her family - I've seen it - but what are these men promising them in return?   The men clearly don't know what they want.  I would be less upset if they said they just want a trophy wife.  They want a woman with brain but expect them to throw it all away for them.  These men need a reality check.  As for the women, even though they said they care about the artsy side of the man, I sincerely doubt they want to marry a hippie.  Even if they will, can their relatives and friends accept the woman as the bread winner of the relationship?

(Noticed I used "these men" - I am well aware that this group does not represent the entire male gender, just in case you wanted to jump into the hot seat to defend the entire male gender)

In any successful relationship, both sides has to be equal and I don't mean it in terms of money, talents, etc.  What I meant is do you respect your mate they same way they respect you?  If there ain't respect, there ain't love.  Do you share the same values, beliefs and philosophy?  Do you want that person to become the parent of your kid?  The definition for each individual is different but you must know yourself to know your definition.  How could you find the answer to a question when you don't even know the question?

(The end of the article does mention the same thing so I am glad my opinion is in sync with the "expert")

The society really needs to reflect upon the values bestowed to our next generation.  In a world where a college degree is as common as McDonald's, is academic excellence really the answer for our kids?  What kind of message is the media sending?  Lately, the popular Hong Kong movies are basically soft porn.  The recent marketing campaigns are topless men and young girls wearing next to nothing.  Cosmetic surgeries have become mainstream.  The bus seats for the elderly and infirm are occupied by men in their prime... 

What the hell is going on here?  Is that why 1% of the world has turned into asexuals?


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