Saturday, October 12, 2013

Meet & Sweet Cafe (蜜蜜見)

Meet & Sweet Cafe (蜜蜜見) is a new cafe / restaurant recently opened in my neighborhood.  My friend and I decided to give it a try the other night for dinner.  It has a very "Taiwanese" vibe to me but it serves no bubble tea or Taiwanese fried chicken (to my surprise!).  Instead, they serve coffee, beer, cider, English breakfast, pasta, risotto, and even fish and chips!  (well, I like the surprise!)  It opens early till late so I find it a nice alternative to the typical Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood.

We went on a week night, so the place wasn't very crowded.
It also seems to attract the younger crowd here.

The menu is pretty small in my opinion,
and there is definitely insufficient desserts option.
My first time trying this French beer.
I quite like it!
"Meet the Fish"

The portion of the fish and chips is very generous.
I generally like my fish with a thinner batter so there is still room for improvement.
Overall, it's not bad though.
Spaghetti with Pesto

My friend got the spaghetti with the apple cider.
She said the spaghetti is quite good.

I think the value is good for the price but I was also expecting a little more.  It's a cute place and I can see it becoming really successful.  (It's in a prime location!)  I think it will be nice if they will expand their menu and include some soup, appetizers, desserts such as waffles, cakes, etc.  I would also love to see afternoon tea set and some nice tea options being offered too...  It is a place I will return so please keep up the good work!

Side note:  Usually I come home bragging to my brother when I tried a new restaurant.  This time, when I told him about Meet & Sweet, he said... "oh, that place... I've been there at least 6 times already..."  I am so deflated... / - \

Meet & Sweet Cafe (蜜蜜見) 
50-G Rua de Pedro Coutinho, Macau
Tel: +853 2852 8733
Hours: Mon - Sun 9:00 am to 1:00 am


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