Saturday, June 6, 2015

Uluru 3D2N Camping Tour with Emu Run

I have been incredibly busy since 2015 started but hopefully if you followed my Instagram you can still see glimpses of my life.  Very behind on my blog updates but I haven't given up.  I will try my best to catch up and let's start with my most recent camping trip to Uluru, Australia with Emu Run.  (More photos to follow!)

There are a number of local tours to see the Ayers Rock/Uluru.  Honestly, the itinerary is pretty much the same but you do get better accommodation and food if you choose to pay more (i.e. AAT Kings).  I went with one of the most popular choices among young backpackers.  Hey, sometimes, there are things you can only do when you are young and sleeping in a swag outdoors is one of them.  (There were 2 elderly couples who were on the same tour but one of the ladies could not fall asleep at night because of her poor back.)  I am glad I got it checked off my bucket list when I can still sleep like a baby under any condition.  My friends asked if I am worried about snake and other wild animals since I am sleeping outside.  Honestly, that didn't even cross my mind!!!  I have been told snakes like to coil up near the swags because of the body heat but luckily that didn't happen to us.  No sight of the dingo (i.e. wild dogs) either.

I was actually more worried about the food and showers since as I have mentioned before, the itinerary is pretty much the same.  I read quite a few blogs and reviews about the different tours before settling with Emu.  I am happy with my choice.  With the recent opening of the Ayers Rock Airport, travelers have now more options to begin/end the tour either at Alice Springs or Ayers Rock.  I choose to start mine at Ayers Rock and end in Alice Springs.  That way, I save myself 6 hours in the bus from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock on the first day.

To me, the best trips are always the ones with lots of stories to tell when you return and this one is exactly that.  My trip started with a little hiccup.  As mentioned, I choose to join the tour in Ayers Rock so after I landed straight from Hong Kong (hardcore, right?) with my big 28" suitcase, my tour guide can't find my name on the roster.  Fantastic... luckily, there was an empty seat on the tour and after a few phone calls I was able to tag along.

Our tour was quite big (18 pax) and surprisingly, half of the group are Asian girls!!! Most of them were here for their working holiday and it was great to hear their stories.  One message has been consistent, Melbourne is the place to be (and Tasmania too) so I am adding this to my agenda next time I go to Australia :)

I guaranteed a lost a few pounds on this trip.  Sunrise 2 mornings in a row + hiking 6 kilometers everyday.  It was super tiring but a lot of fun at the same time!  I ended up meeting one of the guys at the hostel in Alice Springs from the tour I was supposed to me on.  He said there were only 6 of them on that tour and most of them were older.  I think he will have more fun with our group but oh well.

I am very happy to check Uluru off my never-ending bucket list.


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