Monday, February 1, 2016

[Taipei] Old Sichuan (老四川巴蜀麻辣燙 南京東路店)

It is so cold in Hong Kong / Macau this week.  Only 9C!!! True, it's warmer than Seoul but remember, we got no central heat here so it's the indoor temperature!!!  /shivers  Winter is the most popular weather for hotpot.  As I am counting down the days to the year of the Monkey, I find all my gathering this week (reunion dinners) are hotpot related.  Speaking of hotpot, I miss the Sichuan spicy hotpot in Taipei.  It was recommended by one of my friends and it did not disappoint!

Nice interior here.  Your guests will be impressed.

Interior is nothing if the food didn't impress.  Glad to report the food is good here as well!  Spicy just the way I like it.  (I find Sichuan hotpot is too mild in general in Taipei but this one got a kick!)  

We were offered a complimentary starter.  The spice level in this one told me we are off to a good start! 
Love the thick creamy broth.
I don't even think we got ultra high-end with the sliced beef but as you can see with the marbelization here,
it was worth every penny.
Since there were only the two of us, we didn't go crazy with the ingredients but only ordered the must-haves.
The cabbage is one of them.  Taiwanese cabbage is just so good!
If cantonese love our fried bean curd (嚮鈴), Taiwanese love their old fried dough (老油條).
I still think ours are better.  LOL!
Time for some complimentary desserts to cool our tongues.
Service in Taiwan is generally better compared to Hong Kong
but sometimes the extra good service give me goose bumps.
You know what I mean?  haha~
shaved ice with plum sauce
shaved ice with passionfruit

There are two branch in Taipei and a few other branches all over Taiwan.  It is quite a famous chain so reservation is recommended.

No. 45, Section 2, Nanjing E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan 
Tel: +886 (02) 2522 3333 
Hours: 11:30AM ~ 01:30AM  
Starting from 2015/03/13, the hours will be extended to 05:00AM 
(This is why I love Asia.  Nobody sleeps and there is always something to eat.)


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