Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Best Bite: Sydney, Australia (November 2016)

Seeing that my best nine photos of my IG account are all from Sydney, I can't help but wonder - am I giving this city too little credit?  I guess going there on business really changes how you perceive the city.  Sydney's dining scene gets better every time.  You can tell some of these places showed up more than once in my IG feed.  Disclaimer: I rarely return to the same restaurants unless they were really good and I couldn't get them off my mind.  So, you get the gist :)

In no particular order, here's my best bites from Sydney from my last trip (November 2016):

Brasato al Lambruco @ Classico Moderno Restaurant

The texture is one of a kind and the sauce is so good!
I had to savour every bite and the sticky aftertaste was awesome!
Butterscotch & Spiced Apple Old Fashioned @ Bennelong

The aesthetics of the drink itself and the million dollar view for only AUD28!
Best part: you don't even need a reservation and the drink is absolutely delicious.

The food is amazing too.  I am a fan of Chef Peter Gilmore now.
Now I need to find the right person + occasion to splurge at Quay!
Pork Fennel Sausage Roll @ Bourke Street Bakery
and latte @ Artificer Coffee

Crown street, Surry Hills is my favorite place to go for breakfast/brunch on weekends.
Best breakfast spots on one street.

Latte @ Kingswood Coffee

Even though I have plenty of choices around World Square, I keep returning.
The coffee is good and the guys are cute :)
Tofu Soft Serve @ Aqua S

I found Aqua S's soft serve generally too sweet for my pallet but not the tofu.
Perfect balance.  Forget the sea salt, tofu is my favorite.
Octopus @ 10 William Street

One of my following on IG absolutely raves about this cute place in Paddington.
Wine is good, food is tasty, portion is just right.
Can't wait to return and try more.
Eggs Blini @ Devon Cafe at Barangaroo

A few years ago I went to their first cafe on Devon and was not impressed.
I change my mind now.  This is yum!
Anything from Gelato Messina

It's the institutional gelato place in Sydney.
Fried Chicken Sandwish @ Down N' Out

Australia's answer to California's In N' Out.
Best served with OT >.<
Giant Xiao Long Bao @ Ding Tai Fung

Limited time only but I loved it.
Salt Baked King Prawns @ Ester

Cute wine bar in Chippendale
Very delicious but also very buttery
Ipoh Sar Ho Fan @ Hawkers

Easy, fast, reasonably delicious choice for lunch near the office.
Mud Crab w/ Vermicelli @ Marigold

My mom's #1 dish in her recent memory.
(Disclaimer: she's a crab-maniac)
Ricotta Hotcakes @ Harry's Bondi

Just looking at this colorful dish makes me happy.
Tonkatsu w/ curry udon @ Dragon Boy

I am an udon-maniac so I have to go here a few times every time I work in Sydney.
I love chewy, bouncy udon.
Grilled Southern Rock Lobster @ Cirrus Dining

Finger licking goodness.
We ate everything, the head, the legs, everything.
Almost ordered more bread to wipe the plate clean.
 Khao Padt @ Chat Thai

Very spicy but so delicious.
My favorite dish to date at Chat Thai.
Roasted Coconut Gelato @ Cow and the Moon

Coconut gelato I can't live without.
Would endure the shady bus ride to get to Newtown just for this.  LOL

I don't I'll have time to write about each of them separately but these are definitely places I will return my next trip to Sydney.  Ask me in comments if there is something you would like to find out more about!  Chances are, (1) I haven't been but heard about, or (2) I have been but unimpressed.

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