Saturday, August 28, 2010

Salty Eggs

When you can't find them and you crave for them, you make your own!!  The salty eggs I found in the States are usually cooked and they are expensive... and they are ridiculously cheap to make (and more importantly easy)

1 dozen duck eggs (you can use chicken eggs and you don't have to make a whole dozen if you don't want to...)
a lot of salt
water (just enough to cover your eggs)
a large glass jar with a lid (large enough to fit all your eggs plus the solution)
volka (or any high alcohol content liquor)
(optional) sichuan pepper and star anise

1. Boil water, add salt until no more salt will dissolve.
2. (Optional) Add sichuan pepper and star anise.
3. Let the solution cool down.
4. Wash eggs and roll them over volka.
5. Arrange eggs and pour the solution (when cooled) into the jar.
6. Tighten the lid (seal it if you want to) and put away for 30 days.

I think I broke the shell when I put mind in the jar but it turned out looking so cool :) You have to eat them pretty quick... within 2 weeks? otherwise the yolk will dissolve... hmm... I might attempt 1000-year eggs next... but that one I can buy... and I think it's a LOT harder to make...


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