Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicago Restaurant Week 2011

Well, I can't believe I missed restaurant week in Chicago every year even though I have been living here for a while...  so as I was researching about NYC's restaurant week, I also looked up Chicago's and I realized how little I know about the good restaurants in Chicago... (so yeah, I am NOT the person you want to ask about dining options if you ever visit Chicago)

I did my homework and I have my list now... I guess I should also make a wishlist some other time based on Urbanspoon / Yelp / Chowhound recommendations...
  1. Cafe Des Architectes (just made my reservation - the weekends are filling up fast!  I am excited!)
  2. Chizakaya (don't want to go during RW but a good place to check out)
  3. HUB51 (again, just thought the place look cool, but... not worth to pay $33 for what they are offering in my opinion)
  4. Japonais (hmm... I think I prefer ordering a la carte)
  5. Le Colonial (another fun place to check out outside of RW... the decor is seriously too cool for a vietnamese restaurant)
  6. Mercat a La Planxa (made my reservation - have been wanting to try this restaurant since I enjoyed Chef Garces' other restaurants in Philadelphia so much!)
  7. Piccolo Sogno (has been on my urbanspoon wishlist for a while now)
  8. Vermilion (the chef is an iron chef contender and I have been craving good Indian food lately)


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