Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girl & the Goat

When you have to make a 3-month advance reservation at a restaurant (and the restaurant is already telling you the Saturday you wanted is already full), you just can't help but to develop a very high expectation...


I like how the restaurant is decorated.  Although we had an advanced reservation, we still waited almost 30 minutes before we were sat down.  To kill time, we started drinking at the bar... I didn't take pictures of what I had (as you can see how crowded the bar is and there is just no room for pictures) but I remembered it was good.  (I loved anything with elderflower liquer in them.)

I really like that portrait - colorful but spooky!
the menu is simple but everything is very delicious
They even put the cute mascot on the napkin holder!

There is also a large selection of micro beers.  I tried two and I really enjoyed the Allagash.  (I generally preferred light beers, e.g. Blue Moon, Hoegaarden, etc.)


So here comes the plates we tried~  everything was delicious and I actually can't pick a favorite.  Chef Izard is well-known for cooking vegetables and I am very impressed by all her vegetable dishes!  I tried the Roasted Cauliflower at another occasion and it was phenomenal!  (I have been trying to recreate it at home every since!)  This would definitely be one of those places I would recommend people to be more adventurous with their food :)

bon appetite!

Forgot what it was called exactly but this was the one with olives and lots of olive oil...
chickpeas fritters . romesco . hazelnut hummus . sesame . goat feta
sauteed green beans . fish sauce vinaigrette
smoked goat rilette empanadas . masala . ramp yogurt
wood oven roasted pig face . sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . potato stix
grilled hanger steak . trumpets . ramps . miso-marcona almond . green almond nuoc charn
grilled baby octopus . serrano . treviso . celery root . braised pistachio . red bliss potato
We actually went there on my birthday and my friend was trying to see if we could score a free dessert...  We didn't succeed but at least I got a candle :)

ganache pork fat doughnuts . yuzu blackberries . salted oat streusel . malted vanilla gelato
bittersweet chocolate . shiitake gelato . toffee creme fraiche
The food definitely did not disappoint, but would I go back there if I need to make another 3-month advance reservation? I am not so sure... Overall, great service, great food, and great value ($120 for 4 people is pretty reasonable these days when you are dining out in downtown Chicago)

Girl and the Goat
809 W Randolph St ChicagoIL 60607
Tel: +1 (312) 492-6262
Hours: Mon - Thu, Sun:16:30 - 23:00; Fri - Sat:16:30 - 00:00

Girl & the Goat on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated and I paid for my own food.


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