Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Manly Quiche

Well, if you have been an avid follower of this blog (I doubt there are many of you out there), you would have noticed the number of posts have gone down... well, that's because my mom is in town.  I don't really cook when she is here (I am a firm believer of one kitchen, one cook), hence, the lack of new posts!!

Yet, living away from your parents for a prolonged period has it drawbacks (or blessings?).  I grew tired of her cooking (seriously?) and wanted to eat my own food again (at least once in a while).  So, with a potluck coming up tomorrow, I decided to try making my own quiche for the first time. 

Quiche - a wonderful combination of eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, etc - few of my all time favorties thrown into a dish... how could I not love it?  Two of the best quiches I had so far are from (1) the Old Salt in Hampton, NH, and (2) Baked & Wired in Georgetown, DC.  Don't have a picture of the quiche from the Old Salt since I was there with my co-workers (not to mention the VP was present) and it would just be too embarassing to whip out my camera (even my iPhone) but here's a picture of the Manly Quiche from Baked & Wired.

Manly Quiche from Baked & Wired

I am hooked after the first bite and of course I went into a frenzy looking for the recipe... and in this digital world... nothing is a secret for long~ (not to mention I won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to food)

Ta-da- manly quiche recipe - it took me a lot longer than the prescribed 20 mins prep time so budget your time accordingly (I shredded my own potatoes... that's probably why).  I also made a few adjustments to the recipe...
  • Essence mix: don't have paprika so I increased the amount of cayenne pepper in my essence mix; omitted the garlic and onion powder since I don't have any at home; used italian seasoning instead of the dried oregano and thyme.  (Big mistake! definitely need the paprika - the cayenne was an overkill - made the crust way too spicy!  but otherwise, the quiche was good...)
  • As mentioned, I shredded 4 potatoes instead and squeezed the liquids out.
  • Used only one kind of cheese - gruyere - bought a block from Costco and shredded about 2 cups.
  • Used 3 slices of thick cut bacon instead of the sausage.
  • Used 2 small jalapaneos instead of "green chiles" - I figured they are the same thing.
  • Used green bell pepper instead of the red - they taste the same to me and I can't justify spending $1.59 vs $0.59 per pound for a garnish.
  • It actually took 40 minutes for my quiche to bake instead of the prescribed 25-30 minutes.
Here's how my quiche turned out at the different stages of the cooking process:

the potato crust after 25 mins of baking

hmmm... bacon......

ready for more baking!

my version of the manly quiche <3
I can't wait til the party tomorrow!!!


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