Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Lazy Person's Dinner

I got home yesterday realizing I didn't bring my keys... frack!  I called my dad and he didn't pick up... since it was cold today, I called my auntie and she told me to come over for dinner :)  My uncle even made me perfect fried eggs - exactly how I liked them!  Definitely a perk to be closer to family and friends :)

My dad finally picked up his phone and he said he was at home the whole time... he had the day off... ... ... ... WHY DID YOU NOT ANSWER MY PHONE THEN!!!  sigh... well, even though my auntie took care of my dinner, I still got to cook so I have food to eat... I was sick a few times this month so I am broke... (3 more days till payday!  hang in there!!)


Didn't want to make a big fuzz about dinner so I made this meal that could race Rachel Ray's 30-minute meal.  (If you ask me, this is fool proof.)  All I needed was a can of creme of corn, some sliced pork marinated in salt, MSG, soy sauce, and cooking wine (or whatever meat you have at home... even spam or ham or turkey will do - don't marinate if you use processed meat!).  And finally, rice of course.

Cook the rice in the rice cooker and add a can of hot water to the soup.  Boil over medium/low heat.  Add the meat and stir frequently so it won't stick.  When the meat is well done and your rice is cooked, pour the soup over the rice and there you have it.  A hot, hearty meal - all in less than 30 minutes :)  I made enough for tomorrow lunch and the day after.  I even got a little left over and my dad gobbled that in less than 5 minutes... calling it the finest creation of mankind...  (honestly, I just think he is hungry...  and it was something I made...  yes, he is silly like that...)

And finally, I want to share with you an item I purchased over the weekend.  Why I never thought of this before is mind-boggling.  No matter... I have it now and my fingers will thank me!


I finally opened a flickr account and figured out how to link pictures from there... I guess I can resume my Japan posts now...  (but the Flickr - Blogger interface was a pain...)


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