Monday, April 22, 2013

Dragon Palace (金龍軒) - Lunch

As mentioned in my other post, I am a regular at Dragon Palace, both for lunch (dim sum) and dinner (Cantonese cuisine).  Their dim sum is quite popular amongst the locals.  Consequently, it's always crowded during the weekends.

In addition to your traditional dim sum such as shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, and BBQ pork buns, it also serves many unique dishes that I haven't been able to find in other places.  Below are some of my favorites:

Shrimp dumplings (蝦餃)

It's like going to a burger place and not ordering burger if you don't order shrimp dumplings at dim sum restaurants.
Pork Dumplings (燒賣)

Likewise, not ordering pork dumplings is strange, at least in my opinion.
I understand some people got tired over these 2 staple dim sums but this is how I gauge a dim sum restaurant
(i.e. if they can't even get these 2 dim sums right, you can forget it)
Seafood Roll (海鮮卷)

My absolute favorite!  It's shrimp and mayonnaise inside!
looks like sushi but it's minced fish meat rolled in seaweed - one of my favorites!
Chinese Chives Dumplings (韭菜盒子)
Egg Custard Buns (奶皇包)

I am not a big fan of the BBQ Pork Bun so I normally get this instead.
The filling is egg custard.  May spill if eaten hot so you have to be careful.
Steamed Pork Ribs (蒸排骨)
Yuba Roll (腐皮卷)
Crispy Pigeon (脆皮乳鴿)
XO Sauce Rice Rolls (XO 醬腸粉)
Black Chicken Meatballs with Amaranth (烏雞丸莧菜)
Mango Pudding (芒果布丁)
Coconut-Osmanthus Cake (椰汁桂花糕)

Dragon Palace (金龍軒)
4th floor, Hotel Golden Dragon
Rua De Malaca, Macau 
Hours: Weekday 11:00 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 23:00, Weekend 10:00 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 23:00

Disclaimer:  A close relative of mine works here.


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