Monday, January 13, 2014

Dage Ji Bao (大哥雞煲)

Update: 7/7/2014  This place is closed already.  What a pity... I quite like it.

I passed by this restaurant the other night and noticed there was a crowd gathered in front of the restaurant waiting for seats.  I immediately made a mental note of this place and noted it was a new restaurant in the area.  The menu offerings were enticing from Open Rice so I promptly added this place to my bucket list.

Never frozen local beef
Very fresh and you can taste a hint of sweetness from the beef
So yummy!

My brother was in town visiting and he invited me to meet up with his friends for dinner on Saturday night.  He asked me for recommendation so I told him about this place.  To our surprise, his friends and I were thinking the exact same place and off we go!  (I later found out my brother's friend's boyfriend is relative to one of the owners.)

The condiment rack
There are small drawers underneath the table for patrons to store their small items
The owner said his staff often found wallets and phones left there!

It was past 8pm and the line did not get shorter.  Knowing the owner did not improve our odds... LOL!  We did get an appetizer of Pickled Black Fungus (陳醋黑木耳) on the house and a lot of information on how the dishes were prepared. ^v^ 

Most Chinese people enjoy ordering some Chinese herbal drinks when eating steamboat to balance out the Yin and the Yang.  We are no exception and tried their Ginseng Longan Tea (花旗蔘桂圓茶) and Dendrobium Longan Chrysanthemum Tea (菊花石斛桂圓茶).  I loved the Ginseng Longan Tea as you can really taste the Ginseng.  The owner told us it's made from scratch in house.

We ordered their signature item Maw, Chicken, and Shark Fin Thick Soup (花膠濃湯雞煲翅) and a variety of steamboat staples.  I highly recommend the Hand Sliced Local Beef (手切肥牛), Mixed Mushrooms and Cuttlefish balls (什菌墨魚丸),
 Wolfberries Cabbage Fish Maw Dumplings(杞子白菜花膠餃), and Dried Beancurd Skin Flakes from Shu Kee (樹記枝竹)!  (Shu Kee is a very popular local store that sells tofu products.)

Look at how rich the soup is!
I debated the longest time before ordering this since it contains shark fins.
Luckily there was so little of it, it was barely noticeable.
The richness of the soup came from hours of boiling chicken and pork bones.
The maw gave me all the collagen I need :)
Mixed Mushrooms and Cuttlefish balls (什菌墨魚丸)
three kinds of mushrooms were used in the making of this fish ball
very interesting texture and very delicious
Lunch meat has become quite popular in steamboat these days
the owner did thick cut on purpose to allow for more chewing
Fried Tofu Skin (嚮鈴) and Shu Kee Dried Beancurd Skin Flakes (枝竹)
Enoki Mushroom and Shu Kee Fried Gluten Puffs (生根)

I am very impressed with the quality of everything we tasted and I can't wait to come back.  The Pork bellies stuffed chicken pepper pot (胡椒豬肚包雞鍋) is definitely next on my list, closely followed by the Dage Signature Chicken Pot (大哥招牌雞煲)! 

Dage Ji Bao (大哥雞煲)
G/F, 112 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po
Tel: +852 2915 6633 / +852 2915 6632
Hours: 17:00 - 02:00


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