Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Power Shell (蜆勁村 盧爸爸的私房菜)

I have wanted to try this restaurant ever since I read about it.  The location was the only thing that's kept me from going any sooner.  I finally went on my way to check out the Tai Po Farmers Market (大埔農墟), which turned out to be a huge disappointment.  I miss the real farmers markets!!!  I love the food but it's really far from the city.  (It's all the way in Tai Wo... -.-|||)


We made a reservation via Facebook but we got there way ahead of our schedule so there wasn't even anyone else yet (who else would eat dinner at 5:30pm... -.-|||)  Usually, this place is packed!

There are only 6 tables total inside so 15 people max?
I think they can add a few tables outside but reservation is critical here.
The menu is not huge but it still gives a good variety.
However, the dad is the only chef here so you need to be patient.
If you hate waiting, go elsewhere.

Of everything we ordered, I am most impressed with the Steamed Scallops, Steamed Fish and Stir Fried Clams.  The scallops were HUGE and succulent.  The fish is a little too salty without rice but it's flavorful and delicious nonetheless.  However, I do agree with some bloggers that most of the dishes were too oily.

The scallops are HUGE!  It's bigger than the bowl!
Steamed Fish in Black Bean Sauce
The meat is so tender it falls off its bone!
Perfect with white rice
Hairy crab was in season when I went (Nov. 2013)
Can't let that pass!
it's a fatty!  yum!
Their Signature Spiced Clams
It tastes different from my usual clams where its stir fried in black bean sauce.
I like this version better but it does get too oily towards the end.
Every clam is hand washed so you can eat and not worry about getting a dead clam (or sand)
You can tell how much effort went in to this dish.

Since there was only the 2 of us, we couldn't try many dishes so I look forward to return another time.  Next time, I will try their stir fry razor clam, ginger and scallion crab, and the Hakka style chicken.  I wonder if it's feasible to ask Lo baba to go easy on the oil and salt next time... :P

Papa Lo's  Power Shell (蜆勁村 盧爸爸的私房菜)
Shop 9A1, G/F, Block C, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po
Tel: +852 6828 0332
Hours: 12:00 pm - 00:00 am


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