Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inakaya (New York City)

Inakaya is an international chain.  It is a robata-yaki restaurant originated from Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.  In addition to the Tokyo location, they are also in NYC...  (They have a franchised restaurant in Hong Kong, but it was not acknowledged on their official website.)

Ever since I read about my friend's experience at a robata-yaki restaurant in Tokyo, I have been dying to try it for myself.  Since I won't be in Tokyo anytime soon, this outlet in NYC, believe it or not, became my more accessible option.


Although the restaurant is just off Times Square, I love how spacious and informal the setting is at the restaurant.  It was also more affordable than Inakaya Hong Kong.  The restaurant was brighter than I anticipated but turned out great for my pictures :)  We were also very lucky as the restaurant was running a promotion at the time where they were giving away free appetizers per Facebook "like" and a lucky draw at the end for a chance to win a USD$50 coupon (to be used in your next visit).


The appetizer round, 2 of which were on the house~  (yay!)

Delicious and fresh Kumamoto oysters!
The chicken skewers were just so-so.  Would pass.
Loved the tempura - recommended!

Grill time~~~

Gingko nuts - MUST have!
Eggplants - not bad
Grilled Mushrooms in Foil
hmm... it was buttery but too salty for me... pass...
The Must Have!!! Grilled Bronzini (Whole Fish)!!!
Although Kinme-dai is really "the"fish to order at robata-yaki... it's pricey...
go for it if you have the budget but I think Bronzini will do just fine.
The chef is really skilled!  I watched him the whole night and ALL of his fish looked exactly the same!
Crispy and yummy!
not too salty and the fish was grilled perfectly.
It got the seal of approval from my mom too
(who is very picky when it comes to fish!)
some may say it looks scary with the head but it's part of the experience :)
Lucky mom won!  It was unexpected and we were very pleased :)
Our server told us we were the only ones won the certificate so far since they launched the promotion!!!
oh well, one more reason to return before we leave NYC!

If you want to read about my follow up visit to Inakaya, click here.

Around 8:30 pm every evening,
the restaurant have a "rice cake pounding" event where diners can participate at-will;.
They give away a sample of the pounded rice cake afterwards too :)
Great entertainment value.

Inakaya (New York City)
620 8th Ave New York, NY 
(212) 354-2195
Hours: Lunch 11:30-2:30 (Mon-Fri) Dinner 5:00-11:00 (7 days a week)

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