Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dominique Ansel Bakery

If you have heard of cronuts, you probably have heard of Dominique Ansel Bakery.  The line for cronuts starts as early as 5 am. (insane!)  Honestly, as much as I love food, I don't understand why people would line outside a bakery at 5 am for a cronut when it's minus ten degrees Celsius outside.


Since I arrived in the afternoon, the line is long gone but so are the cronuts.


Nevertheless, I still got to try the other offerings at the bakery.  I can't critique on their best seller (i.e. cronuts) but everything else I tried was quite disappointing.  I was sort of glad I didn't stand in line for the cronut.

Look at the macaroon to the left.
I was surprised they would sell a defect at a shop like DAB.
(if you are going to, hide it in the middle at least!) 
These were their holiday specials.
looks tempting...
I was debating between the pinecone and the pavlova
since I don't see pavlova as often, I opted for that :)
I have a weakness for madeleines...
... and cannele...
Please take note of the description
DAB offers an outdoor sitting area.
This place would be perfect for the summer...
but still too cold for December...
The pavlova is very delicate.
Cracks are inevitable but
I was expecting a more macaroon like shell.
(it is already falling apart in <10 p="">The taste is very light with the coconut filling.
Perhaps I would like it more in a hot summer day.
Would I be happier if I ordered the pinecone?
I really don't know.
Coffee and their Magic Souffle
Their souffle is supposed to be one of their signatures (besides their cronut)
It was made to order so mine was piping hot straight out from the oven
It's dense and full of flavor.
but, not quite what I expect from a souffle...
my last bet was on the cannele
(I was really disappointed at this point)
it was a little dry and the skin was not as crispy as I would hope
remember their description?
crunchy caramelized shell / soft flan like center /
with hints of vanilla and rum
none of that

Unfortunately I don't think I would make a trip on purpose here the next time...  There are plenty of places in NYC that sell pastries at this price range and caliber...

Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring St New York, NY 10012 
(b/t Thompson St & Sullivan St in South Village)
Tel: +1 (212)219-2773
Hours: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

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