Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shing Kee Noodles (盛記盆菜&盛記麵家)

I was super sleeping (just drank my third latte) and feeling cold at the office (I even wrapped myself in one of the many scarfs I owned) and then I remembered, today is the first day of Autumn (立秋). What's better than hotpot on such a day?  (I love myself some spicy Sichuan hotpot!!!)  I actually went to Shing Kee earlier this year... before my friend had her baby... now the baby is born and so is my blog post... LOL!!!

Shing Kee has the most interesting decor.
IT was hard to believe it was actually located
at a food center inside a wet market.

Shing Kee Hot Pot is tucked all the way in Shatin.  I can't say it's hard to find but you will want to make a reservation if you plan to come on a weekend.  The choices we were given for a soup base is spectacular - from the basics to the really fancy.  We opted for a simple one as we want to focus more on the ingredients.

condiments in a bento box
you can tell everything is freshly chopped here
Hotpot is a very popular choice in Hong Kong
It's probably because there is something for everyone.

If you have been to Shing Kee or did your homework on their signature items, you will know that the fresh beef cubes (鮮牛粒), local hand sliced beef (本地手切牛肉), and yuba rolls (腐皮卷) are their must haves.  We were lucky we were able to try all three and I agreed with the other bloggers that these are truly the must-haves :)

fresh beef cubes (鮮牛粒)
local hand sliced beef (本地手切牛肉)
yuba rolls (腐皮卷)

We also ordered other items and they were fresh and delicious as well...


It wasn't till then I realized spam is not always a popular hotpot choice.  While spam is a must-order item with my other group of friends, I was hit with loaded questions when I ordered them with this group.  (In my defense, spam is actually a recommended item here...)  I guess everyone is different and that's the beauty of hotpot.  So many choices and so many different combinations - from soup base, ingredients, dipping sauce, etc. - just like my friends.


We swear we would do this more often but probably after the baby is born and the parents can free themselves from parenting duties.

Shing Kee Noodles (盛記盆菜&盛記麵家)
Shop 5, Lek Yuen Estate Market, Sha Tin
Tel: +852 2692 6611
Hours: (Noodles) 06:00-16:00; (Hotpot) 19:00-23:00
Remarks:  They also sell Poon Choi (盤菜) by reservations.


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