Saturday, August 9, 2014

Qiao Tou Spicy Hotpot (橋頭麻辣鍋)

Qiaotou Spicy Hotpot (橋頭麻辣鍋) was a spicy hotpot restaurant I went a few years ago (2009) with my friends.  I haven't returned since so this post may not be as relevant now.  Yet I recalled it was good and became my memory of how spicy hotpot should be in Taiwan.


Unlike the other hotpot restaurants I have been, 橋頭麻辣鍋 does not have a store front.  Instead, it's located on the second floor of what seemed to be a old residential building.  (Stairs only mate!)  My friends who booked the place told me it was a popular spot among the Taiwanese artists and sure enough, we were sitting next to Chang Chen-yue (張震嶽) who came here with his friend.  (I honestly can't remember... so my memory failed me, please correct me...)


As the time on my old pictures suggests, we most likely went there for midnight snack... (we were young back then... LOL!)

At least the spicy broth was spicy here
(as far as I can recall)

The non-spicy side looks good to me even now!

Even back in those days (before iPhone, Galaxy, etc.), we like to take pictures of our food.  Clearly, we weren't as crazy back then as we were now, where we would take individual pictures of each plate...

Good marbelization on the beef and I am sure the cabbage was to die for
If I took an individual picture of the duck's blood back then,
it probably blew my mind!

I remembered they also have a self-service condiment center and a desserts bar with very good ice cream, which I did not take a picture of.  If it was me now, you would probably have everything photographed.  LOL!!!

Qiao Tou Spicy Hotpot (橋頭麻辣鍋)
Phone: +886 2 2777 5608
Hours: 5:00 pm - 3:00 am

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