Saturday, February 28, 2015

[Hong Kong] Tai Chung Wah Restaurant (大中華飯店)

I finally got around to get this one up - it took me a while to find where I saved the photos...  The photos are taken by my friend (Ines) when we came here together with the rest of our group around November 2013... (ya, I know... it's been a while...)  We designate her to be the official photographer for the event... (because I was too busy eating!)  She also did a write up on this one (much timelier than me...) on her blog.  Make sure you check it out too! 

Tai Chung Wah Restaurant is probably the most well-known Dai Pai Dong in Cheung Sha Wan.  As a lover of Dai Pai Dong, of course I have to check it out.  The restaurant occupies the whole "block" and they even have several kitchen, each specialized in one type of food.  (e.g. claypot, kitchen, bar, etc.)  It is really cool to see how it evolved over the years.


It's one of the best place for large groups.  I can't think of anywhere else where I can fit 18 people in one table......  In fact, you actually want to come with a large group here because that's they only way you can sample all the different dishes.  It's casual, it's fun, and it's cheap!  (Don't expect attentive service and spotless dining room though - you will be disappointed.)  



If you are from out-of-town and don't read and write Chinese, make sure you come with a friend who does - because you will be writing your own order here!  



I have been here a few times now and tried most of their popular dishes.  The food, has been mostly consistent - it does have its bad days.  However, I must warn that the seasoning is on the heavy side so make sure you get some white rice to go with your food.

One of the "must-get" dishes is the black pepper pork knuckles and you can immediately tell why I recommend you to come with a large group.  This thing is huge!!!



Other favorites of mine include the grilled chicken.  


I think they do a pretty decent job in the deep fried and stir fry department, or anything with a heavy sauce.  

deep fried fish balls with clam sauce
oyster pancakes
garlic pork ribs
clams in black bean sauce
razor clam in black bean sauce
spicy chicken pot

The squid can sometimes be a miss.  I remember one time it tasted so bad that I had to send the dish back.  The glutinous rice is also quite popular here but it was not my favorite.  I prefer the stickier version.

blanched squid
This is from a different visit

Vegetables are vegetables.  Nothing special or spectacular about them... LOL...

vegetable medley
vegetable in oyster sauce

If you happened to be in the area, I will recommend you to come and check this place out :)  Just remember to bring your friends!

Tai Chung Wah Restaurant (大中華飯店)
G/F, 539 Fok Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan 
Tel: 9045 4863 / 6096 0082
Hours: 18:00-01:00
Reservations recommended for large groups


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