Thursday, June 2, 2016

[Sydney] four.ate.five

It's not that I don't write about my experiences with the restaurants in Sydney but I guess I never knew where to start...  Sydney does get old after four business trips within 2 consecutive years, with each trip lasting longer than the last...  Food is awesome here but I do find myself eating in, a lot!  (Service apartment with full kitchen spoils me.)  The produce is super fresh here so looking for good restaurants that won't break the bank became too much work!  LOL!  (I'd rather dine in and save up the money and go to a few high end restaurants.)

With that said, I love Sydney's brunch culture.  Every trip I discover new café and brunch places and everyone of them is so creative.  Personally, I love going to Crown Street in Surry Hills on the weekends.  It's not easy to get me to go to the same place twice these days and four.ate.five successfully lured me back.  So, they deserve my time to type up a blog post :)  (Be warned:  This place is very crowded over the weekends!)

I went there on two occasions, two different trips.  One time alone, the other time with my brother, when he tagged along for a week.  I am equally impressed both times and would not hesitate to go back for a third, fourth, and fifth time... The croissant benedict is a weekend special and do sell out fast.  Make sure you go early if that's what you wanted!

Add: 485 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Tel: 61 2 9698 6485
Hours:  (M-S) 7AM–3:30PM (Sunday) 9AM–2:30PM


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