Monday, June 20, 2016

[Taipei] RAW

RAW has been on my bucket list since the day it opened but reservations has been extremely difficult.  After pulling some strings, I finally got a reservation!  As one of Asia's best restaurant, RAW did not disappoint!  The ambiance, service, and flow were great!

The menu is a 8-course menu at NTD1,850 + 10% service charge each.  Bread is a la carte but highly recommended.  Wine is additional of course and that evening we ordered a bottle of Sancerre, which was very refreshing and went well with the food.

porridge (in the porcelain cup) (清粥) / turnip (大頭菜) / fermented tofu (腐乳)

the turnip was very refreshing and i love the fermented tofu
the porridge was quite sweet
whipped butter with chocolate chips and pepper (not included in set)
scallop / cauliflower couscous / spicy ponzu

The scallop is cooked medium well and tasty~

beef / tongue / cracker

a playful twist on the beef tongue cracker.
the caramelized onion was very delicious but overpowered the beef tongue.

buttermilk / remoulade / gamberoni

the prawn underneath the shredded veggies was very, very delicious!

leek oil / daikon / spring vegetables

hirame skirt / pickled jus / meuniere

the hirame is very "fat" and the clams are plump and juicy
red quinoa / oyster béarnaise / smoked cabbage

main course, can upgrade to beef with supplement
Personally, I think the chicken was perfect.  Light, juicy, and flavorful.
The quinoa almost taste like the Sichuan pepper, very interesting.
and the cabbage chip was so delicious!
if they sell it as chips, I would stockpile them.

thunder tea / almond mocha / shaved bean curd

I have never had traditional thunder tea so I could be bias.
my Taiwanese friend liked it but it's just not my cup of tea


a bit dry.  I have had better elsewhere.

Overall, the meal is very light and refreshing.  I was worried I would end up hungry but the portion ended up being just right.  The dishes showcased the various local ingredients and the cooking techniques have transcended the everyday dish into a different level.  Definitely recommended if you can get a reservation.

Addy: No.301, Le Qun 3rd Road, Taipei City, Taiwan 
Tel: +886-2-8501-5800  
Hours: (Wed - Sun) Lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm / Dinner: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm  
Closed on Monday & Tuesday


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