Sunday, July 17, 2016

[Taipei] Sushi Hui (鮨 蕙)

Sushi Hui (鮨蕙) was one of my favorite meals in Taipei this recent trip.  Located in a quiet alley, Sushi Hui is an Edo-mai style sushi restaurant that serves a limited number of customers every night.

Chef Yung works behind the bar while his sister assists during the entire service.  It is not as fluid as some other sushi-ya but I love the whole concept and I think the whole experience will improve over time.  (Sushi Hui was only opened in November 2015).

Chef Yung is quiet and reserved at first,
but willing to talk once warmed up :)

Love the minimalistic decor.  Even the plates (備前燒) were all purchased and hand-carried back from Japan by the chef.  Side note: thank you friend for making the reservation for me!

abalone and octopus
so tender and delicious!
again, very tender
love the sauce!
packed with flavor!
grilled scallops
love the nori, warm and crispy
can taste the ocean in a bite

amadai (tilefish)
kohada (gizzard shad)
ika (squid)
akami (lean tuna)
chutoro (medium fatty tuna)
otoro (premium fatty tuna)
I normally prefer chutoro but tonight's otoro was very good
shiro ebi (white shrimp)
aji (jack mackerel)
did you know I used to dislike this fish?
it all ended until I had it properly at Morimoto!
now it is one of my favorite
hamaguri (clam)
Chef Yung will ask for your hand and put this directly from his to yours!
saba (mackerel)
ebi (shrimp)
very sweet and flavorful,
one of my favorites that evening
smoked fish (!?!?)
sorry, I forgot which fish
but it was very delicious as well

uni (sea urchin)
anago (conger eel)
very tender
tamago (egg custard)
it looks like cake but taste like cold custard
kuzukiri (kudzu starch noodles)
I heard this is very difficult to make
so even though i've had better,
I still praise the chef for serving this!

I love Chef Yung's dedication to his arts.  There are things that can be improved.  Yet, I would not hesitate to return to witness him grow into his full potential :)  Definitely one of the best upscale sushi restaurant Taipei has to over right now.

Sushi Hui (鮨 蕙)
No. 110 Lane 155 Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
+886 922 222 775 
Reservations only


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