Monday, April 19, 2010

Inari Sushi

When I woke up this morning, it's already almost noon (the usual - I actually woke up before 8am but opted to sleep some more).  The weather is gorgeous and it's just a perfect biking weather.  So to enjoy the day without spending too much time on my brunch, I opted to make some sushi!

You may think, sushi takes a long time too!  Oh-no... If you haven't find out yet, I love food that is easy to make and taste good.  (Occassionally I would do something more elaborate...)  This sushi that I made today is simple, fast, and easy!  You don't even need one of those bamboo rolls for it!  So here we go~

1 packet of the inari pockets (see picture - find one that you can just open and use... otherwise, follow the instruction on the bag)
1 cup of cooked rice (I have left over brown rice so it makes it even easier and faster, just make sure you are using short grain or the rounder looking rice, again, we want the stickiness)
Sushi vinegar (if you don't have this specialty vinigar, you can mix white vinegar with sugar and a tiny bit of salt.  Keep tasting the mixture until you find your right balance.)

1. In a large bowl (or if you have one of those fancy Japanese wooden tub, use that), spread out the rice, pour the vinegar (I did half a tablespoon a time because you can always add more), and mix.  (Be careful and don't mash the rice!  You just want to coat each grain with the vinegar.)
2. Open an inari pocket, carefully spoon approximately 2 tablespoon of rice into the pockets.  Don't over fill the pockets.
3. Enjoy!  You don't even need soy sauce / wasabi for this one but then again, do whatever you want. 

P.S.  This sushi has a mild sweet taste to it, so if you don't like that in your sushi, this will not be for you.


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