Monday, May 3, 2010

Steamed Chicken with Fungus

So the Purdue chicken family pack I bought from Costco lied... it says every sachet contains 5 wings... I used 3 bags already and each of them only have 4 wings... oh well...

Another easy peesy chicken recipe..  very healty too since it is steamed and the fungus (木耳) is supposedly very healthy... If you are scared of or don't know where to get them, you can use Chinese mushrooms... dried or fresh is fine... but don't use the white mushrooms (portebello)...

1.  If you are using dried Chinese mushroom or fungus, soak in water for an afternoon.
2.  Marinate the chicken with salt (1/2 tsp), pepper (1/2 tsp), chicken powder (1/2 tsp), sesame oil (1 tbsp), soy sauce (1 tbsp), and Chinese cooking wine (1 tbsp).  Leave for 20-30 mins.  Add 3 slices of shredded ginger to the chicken.  (All measurements are approximates...)
3.  Boil water.  Drain #1 and add to #2.  Place #2 on a steamer and steam for about 30 mins or until chicken is cooked.
4,  Taste best with rice.  Make sure you eat the sauce with the rice!


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