Saturday, March 19, 2011


Have been craving for lasagna since the one I had at Carmine's... /drool

Looked up some recipes on and found one called World's Best Lasagna... well, I am a sucker to names like this... so I had to make it...  it literally took me all night (and half a morning)... I definitely would not recommend anyone to make it on a week night... I decided to bake it in the morning so it will be nice and fresh (hopefully the meat sauce will soak up the noodles overnight nicely and provide better flavor) and it's just too late to eat when it's finally done cooking...  (best idea ever!)

I probably made enough to feed a family of 8... so call me if you need food this weekend... LOL

Also, I recommend cutting the amount of sauce called for the recipe by two-thirds (I used half and still find it a little too much)... unless you really love sauce-soaked lasagna...  and I would use less cheese too... (calories is not my friend...)

a night to cook, 5 minutes to devour...

ground beef, italian sausage, diced onion, garlic

all kinds of tomatoes!!!

i need a bigger pot

after 90-minutes of slow-cooking

layering up with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan

ready to bake in the morning


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