Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Getaway - Singapore (2)

My Mac was down and the Apple genius told me the hard disk was fried.  Thank goodness I backed up my Mac so no real harm was done.  Hence, this post was delayed (I had to restore my pictures from the backup).  I also got an email from Tiger saying they have finally processed my refund (after another follow up email dated October 3, 2012).  I have yet to check with the credit card company to confirm the refund but at last I am seeing light in the tunnel...  (I think they know I won't go away until it's settled...)

Continuing from the last post:

Day 2:  Rise and shine!  We woke up super early in the morning (730am on a Saturday, hello!) so I could enjoy a final swim at the infinite pool before checking out.  (We stayed with my cousin during the rest of our visit).

It's never too early to enjoy this pool
hot tub at 8am - a first
it makes me think of LOTR - the end when the elves depart... weird I know...
We stored our luggage with the bell desk and went to Garden by the Bay, which is conveniently located right next to MBS.  I heard a lot of great things about the Flower Dome but I was more impressed with the Cloud Forest.  Next time, I would also make sure to visit the OCBC Skyway and attend the OCBC Garden Rhapsody in the evening too.  (Too hot during the day!)  Tip:  do check their maintenance schedule so you won't be disappointed!

MBS from below 
the OCBC skywalk
the waterfall greeted us right when we entered
lovely flowers (orchid?) everywhere

Educational program teaching our next generation the effects on Global warming.  Loved it!

random snapshots in the Flower Dome

Originally we planned to have afternoon tea at the Fullerton Hotel.  However, we were so disappointed at their service we decided to leave.  After we were seated there was absolutely no service.  The staff were unfriendly and aloof.  I had to get my own menu and the servers past us at least 2-3 times and they didn't bother to ask us if we needed anything...  Seriously?  If they want to charge me S$42 per person, they better show me service that's worth S$42.  Also, I don't think you have the option to order à la carte.  So after reading a few more poor reviews online after returning, I didn't think I missed anything...

In the end, my mom opted to go to Maxwell Road Hawker Center, which is nearby (since we were starving by then and just wanted to eat).  I have to say the service was 100x better service at 1/10th of the price.  If I really had to complain, it would be the portion size... it was too much!!!  Everything is super-sized!  Since I have so many items on my to-try list, I frowned when I saw the size of the Hainanese chicken rice my mom ordered... I really wanted to try the fish noodles soup but I had no room left...

the Maxwell Road Hawker Center
juicy coconut
a very popular bean curd dessert among the locals
my cousin is starving and can't wait for the rest of the food :)
Hainanese Chicken Rice from Tin Tin
my mom said she only ordered 1/2 chicken...
either the chicken is huge or the shop gave her somebody else order...
Random snapshots when I walked around the hawker center
originally I wanted to try this too but I was too full from all the chicken rice...
where my mom got the Hainanese Chicken Rice
just in case if you are planning to go during these times...
my favorite drink - green orange juice (青柑汁)
We walked around the Chinatown area and then the Merlion.  I highly recommend taking the taxi if you have 3-4 people in your party.  It costs the same and the time you saved (or chaffing you avoided) is worth every dollar!  The crowd at the Merlion is unbelievable and people are rude!  They would walk right in front of you when you are trying to take a picture but would ask you to get out of their frames when they are trying to take theirs.  It took me a while before I could get a seemingly tourist-less picture.  We then boarded a river cruise which provided a much needed break for my tired legs.

walking around Chinatown

Singapore - the "fine" city :D
decorated for the mid-autumn festival

tourist overload at the Merlion
It was difficult to get a seemingly tourist-free shot
picture taken from the river cruise boat
nice welcome break for my tired legs
We took a taxi from the Merlion to No Signboard Restaurant at Geylang.  Since we planned to snack along Geylang, we opted for a small dinner.  We tried their famous White Pepper Crab, cereal tofu, and Singapore-style stir-fry vegetables.  In my opinion, the white pepper crab taste fresher but service was better at Jumbo.  After dinner, we walked around Geylang searching for durian stalls and witness some of the infamous night scenes.  Then we collected our bags from MBS and called it a night at my cousins' place in Clementi.

their famous white peppered crab - so delicious!
I liked it more than the Chili Crab

well, afterall it's Geylang and yes, those are the magical blue pills
and we did see some working girls... and their customers.


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