Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Getaway - Singapore (3)

Something scary happened when I was trying to publish this post this morning.  My site counter reset to zero.  Not that I am a blogger that depends on my blog for a living but it was a little depressing.  Then later in the day everything seemed fine again.  Thank goodness!  Finally done with my Singapore recap and I am packing for my upcoming Japan trip!  I am so-so-so excited!!!

I can't get my hands off my plan and I keep tweaking and changing hoping to make it smoother and squeeze more POIs in.  I think I need to give myself an ultimatum and say "hands off".

Sunday:  I think all the walking finally took a toll on all of us and we slept in a little.  My cousins' place is very convenient - only minutes away from the Clementi MRT station and the Clementi Mall.  We had breakfast at Ya Kun (the soft boiled eggs were delicious!) and went grocery shopping! 

I normally avoid chains but this is a good one :)
look at the Sunday morning breakfast crowd @.@

so professional...
efficient assembly line
a set includes coffee/tea, 2 soft boiled eggs and stack of toasts
I see most people order 1 set and an extra cup of coffee and share
kaya toast with a big cube of butter
Under the recommendation from my friends, we picked up some Old Town white coffee mixes, Prima mixes, Song Fa bak kut teh spices, etc.  We also picked up a kueh lapis from Bengawan Solo for my friend.

I actually bought this the morning before we left :)
I am glad I didn't go overboard on shopping this time
 Originally, we made a reservation at True Blue, a peranakan restaurant recommended by my friend.  Nevertheless, my mom insisted on staying at my cousins' place to eat a Burmese meal, cooked by one of my cousins (who is a superb cook).  Thus, while my cousin was cooking, I went out with one of my cousins and window shopped around the Clementi Mall.  The mall is actually quite nice.  I love the shoes and small leather goods at Charles & Keith.  The prices are very reasonable!  I almost picked up a few pairs of shoes at but decided against it since I am running out of space in my luggage.  Instead, we enjoyed a frozen yogurt at Tutti Fruitti (similar to Red Mango), picked up a curry puff at Old Chang Kee and some more soya beancurd from Lao Ban (they just opened a new stall in Clementi as of last Friday!)  For those of you who are interested, I actually found the recipe online here.  I might try it myself when I get the chance!

i love frozen yogurt

this curry puff is a winner!!!
Finally, my cousin called and told us lunch is ready.  Delicious!  We were so stuffed and sure enough, my mom went for her nap and the rest of us just talked.


We decided to go to Sentosa and Vivo City after my mom woke up from her nap.  We stopped at Desigual at Vivo City, as recommended by my friends.  Desigual is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, Catalonia, which is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art and flamboyant splashes of color.  The clothing is lovely but I wasn't in a shopping mood... plus, it was pricey!  Next to Desigual was a National Geographic store.  It's my first time to visit an actual store of National Geographic - didn't actually know that they exist!  I saw the canvas backpack I saw and coveted at Rottnest Island... but at S$414, I decided to pass...

no photography in the store
We took the monorail to Sentosa.  The place changed a lot since my last visit.  We alighted at the last stop and decided to see the "Song of the Sea".  Since we got time to kill before the show, we walked to one of the nearby beaches.  The show's special effects were nice but the storyline is very weak.  Not a big fan of Sentosa overall.

thanks for keeping the beach clean!

@Songs of the Sea
@Songs of the Sea

everyone is trying to go home... at the same time... T_T

My friend told me there is good kueh tutu at the food court so we decided to eat there (the same friend who recommended the curry puff from Old Chang Kee).  The food is good for a food court and prices were reasonable. 

tom yum
fish noodle soup... finally!

Although it's Legoland Malaysia, it's easier to get there from Singapore than Kuala Lumpur since it's in Johor.  The advertisement says it's only 45 minutes from Singapore!

Monday:  We went for breakfast at the nearby Clementi market and it's time to head back to the airport.  The journey back was quite uneventful. 


It was a fun getaway and nice time catching up with my cousins.  I loved the infinite pool at MBS and the Cloud Forest at Garden by the Bay.  I probably would skip Sentosa altogether and go to Legoland instead if I were to go again :)  Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and this was helpful to some of you!

ok, I need a nap now...


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