Thursday, February 14, 2013

Golden Flower (京花軒)

Happy Chinese New Year! (and Happy Valentine's Day too!)

In celebration of the new year, my friends and I went to try the two-star Michelin Golden Flower in Wynn Macau.  In addition to the revered cuisines of Shandong and Sichuan, Golden Flower offers a rare chance to experience authentic Tan cuisine, an exclusive culinary tradition from the Qing Dynasty.

In case you are unfamiliar with Tan cuisine, it is first offered by Qing Dynasty's Imperial Academy Officer Tan Zongjun (譚宗浚) in private dinner parties to his rich and famous friends.  It is known to use only the freshest and finest ingredients and is revered for it's labor-intensive and delicate preparation process.  It stresses on bringing out the authentic flavors of each ingredient and rarely uses strong seasonings. 

Tan cuisine is best known for its preparations on shark fin, sea cucumber, and other delicacies.  I don't eat shark fin anymore but their Braised Shark Fin (黃燜魚翅) is among one of the most revered dishes.  It shouldn't come as a surprise that PRC's Premier Zhou Enlai named it as the official food and used it to entertain State guests in the Beijing Hotel.

So what else can you eat if you, like me, don't eat shark fin?  Do not fret, Golden Flower also offered other dishes that won't break your bank :)  See their full menu here.

Very nice china and decoration. 
I didn't take pictures of the rest of the restaurant but the china vase wall at the foyer is really gorgeous!
Dragon Well before the (Grain) Rain

Golden Flower also offers a wide variety of top notch teas.  They even have their own in-house tea sommelier.
For tea lovers, this alone is a reason to come. 
My friend said she thinks she even saw Dragon Well before Ching Ming (明前龍井) on the menu. 
I arrived late so I can't confirmed >.<
If it's true, that would be very special as that tea is super rare!
Poached Chicken Marinated with Chinese Wine

the wine is not strong, the plum is very faint but it's there.
the chicken is very tender and you can't taste any fat!
thumbs up!
Shredded Pear Salad with Chinese Herbs

My favorite dish of the day!
It's fresh, it's sweet, and it's refreshing.
A very good remedy to all the heavy festive food I have been eating over the new year.
Sliced Broiled Mutton Served with Sesame Puffs

Very nice presentation! 
We let our server did all the work (filled the puffs) for us.
The sesame puffs are fragrant and crispy.  Can't taste much of the mutton and it was a tad too salty for me.

Pork and Cabbage Dumplings

It's a Chinese tradition to eat dumplings over the new year so we followed the tradition!
(the shape of a dumplin looks like an ancient Chinese ingot)
The wrappings are chewy and the fillings are yummy.
Traditional Sweetened Yellow Peas

One of the four Imperial petits fours offered.  The cake is dense, not too sweet.
I can't really taste the yellow peas so it was a little disappointing.  On the other hand,
the dried apple crisp is very good.

The bill came out to be only MOP700 or MOP230 per person!!!  For a two-star Michelin restaurant, this is a steal!  There is something for everyone on the menu - whether you came here to splurge or not.  I won't hesitate to bring my in-town friends and special guests to try the delicately prepared dishes here.

(inside Wynn Macau)
Lunch: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (Saturdays and Sundays)
Dinner: 6 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Closed on Mondays.
Reservations: (853) 8986 3663

Dress is casual elegant. No short pants, sleeveless shirts, open-toe shoes and caps. Children aged five years and above are welcome.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated and I paid for my own meal.


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