Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keung Kee Signature Lamb Pot (強記秘製羊腩煲) & Hang Heung Yuen (杏香園)

Mild winter, rising prices, and long wait time didn't stop my friends and I from going to Keung Kee for their signature lamb pot.  Opened only in the winter (September to April), a line can be seen around 18:30 everyday.  Although they say they open until 01:00, they usually sold out by 21:00.  There are other places that offer good lamb pots in Macau but we like to come here for the ambiance.

Note: there is no indoor seating.
This is the queue at 18:30, so come early.
old fashioned coal stove and a modest fold-able table
Nothing beats a warm coal stove in the winter!

In addition to the lamb pot, other must-try includes the yuba, taro chips, radish, and beef tripe, or what I called the Chinese petits fours.  Dip everything in the fermented bean curd and chili dipping sauce and enjoy the harmony of the different flavors.  Don't forget to order some veggies and a Tsingtao to wash everything down!  For a grand finale, order some noodles (ramen or udon) and soak them in the sauce.  You will be so full but so satisfied.

Clockwise: yuba, taro chips, radish, beef tripe
In the middle: fermented bean curd and chili dipping sauce
An overflowing basket of lettuce
Crown daisy (茼蒿is great with lamb pot too!

(If you still got any room left or if you have a separate stomach for dessert, don't forget to go to Hang Heung Yuen 杏香園!  It's pretty pricey but worth the price in my opinion.  My favorite is their Egg White Almond Tea 蛋白杏仁茶.)

Store front*
Dessert menu*

*The above 2 pictures are from Open Rice.  No copyright infringement intended.

Clockwise from top left: walnut tea, egg white almond tea x2

Keung Kee (強記秘製羊腩煲)
18:00 ~ 01:00 (or when sold out)
Cash only

Hang Heung Yuen (杏香園)
(853) 2857 2701
Cash only

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated and I paid for my meal.  Pictures are from my iPhone this time.


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