Thursday, February 28, 2013

Surprise from Great Decisions!

Back in November 2012, I was approached by Mr. David Heidelberger for a picture I took during my trip in Myanmar (Burma).  Mr. Heidelberger works as a video editor on a show called Great Decisions (  Great Decisions is a non-partisan look at US foreign policy that airs on PBS and they were doing an episode about Burma.

This is the picture featured!
a picture of the the natural gas pipe going through Myanmar to China...
Of course I was very honored to be part of the show.  If you are interested, the show is aired on PBS.  Since the show is aired at different times in different PBS markets (and not at all in some), please check your local PBS listings for Great Decisions to see when / if it's going to be on TV.  I think PBS is US only so I am asking Mr. Heidelberger how my non-US friends can watch the video too!  Once I find out, I will update this post with the link.

My photo is somewhere around the 14:15 mark. My blog and I are both credited in the closing credits as well as in the special thanks section.  So exciting!

For those who enjoyed my travel posts, don't worry, a year of exciting travels will be starting soon.  Stay tuned!


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