Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tabuchi (田淵)

This is my friend's favorite restaurant.  The food is consistent and it is a nice and quiet place if you want to talk to your friends over a light meal and some drinks.  The boss is very friendly too.  Just don't compare to the izakayas in Japan!

Located in the beautiful and quiet Sai Wan (西灣),
next to my favorite restaurant - Henry's Galley.

After testing a few of the menu items, below are some of my favorites.  I always prefer restaurants that excel in a few items rather than scoring an average on an extensive menu.

One of the specialty drinks on the menu - Grapefruit Sawa
Takes some work but it's delicious!
Salmon Sashimi

Thick (cut) and fresh, what else can I ask for?
Grilled Ginkgo and Stuffed Fish Cake

The Ginkgo is seasoned with salt and chewy.

The fish cake tastes amazing with the melted cheese. 
Grilled Wagyu Beef Cubes

Juicy and the beef is good quality.
Grilled Japanese Pumpkin

If you want value, this is it!

It's sweet and grilled just right~
I order this every time.

Tabuchi (田淵)

Shop 4D-4F, G/F, Edificio Bela Vista, Avenida da Republica, Macau 
Tel: +853 2896 7751 / +853 6655 1657
Hours: 7pm - 1am (Closed on Mondays)

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated and I paid for my own food.


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