Thursday, September 5, 2013

Donglaishun (東來順 北京大柵欄店)

Donglaishun (東來順), another century old brand from Beijing, is famous for its lamb hot pot.  Just like other century old brands, the story of their beginning is humble and inspirational.  (Click here for their story, Chinese only.)  However, it is always harder to keep a successful enterprise running and Donglaishun is no exception.  Fortunately for them, they were the better ones among the lot...  Please keep up the good work!

A bronze statue of the founder
The shop is hidden away in the shopping alley.
Donglaishun, Qianmen shop
Miniature dolls depicting the store in the old days
Chaiman Mao and the President of Indonesia dined here too.
The brass pot, the decorated porcelain pot and a miniature display
It's only 5 pm and there are quite a few tables already.
The restaurant imports their lamb from Amdo, Tibet,
an area famous for its grassland and produce.

Beijing-style sour plum drink

Thirst quenching and delicious
drinking sour plum juice and eating hot pot in an air-conditioned room
how environmental friendly are we? -.-|||
all my favorite hot pot ingredients on the table
trying the 安多藏羊.i am here to report the lamb taste 100,000 times better in Inner Mongolia!
Amdo Lamb Neck Meat

black tripe
Black Tripe (黑毛肚)
黃喉, not impressed by the thin cut.
Beef Artery (黃喉)
Sliced Coprinus Comatus (雞腿菇)

what a fancy English name... it's just a mushroom...
I also love them deep fried and rolled and a spiced pepper powder!
Specialty Starch Noodles (特製粉條)
This is good.
Donglaishun Spiced BBQ Lamb Skewer

We almost didn't order this but was our waitress pushes us on this one
She said this is really tasty, you must try!
I am happy to report that she is right.

I have only been to Donglaishun for their hotpot (I was at their Shanghai branch the other times) but after tasting the lamb skewer, I am ready to try their regular dishes next time!  This time, I will make sure I leave enough room for the skewers!

Note: Compared to the lamb skewers I tried in Inner Mongolia, the skewers at Donglaishun are heavily spiced.  I want to say I like the lamb skewers in Inner Mongolia more as you can taste the original flavor of the lamb but the spices are really tasty and gives the lamb an extra kick at Donglaishun.  Thus, to each their own!

You don't need to go all the way to Beijing to try this restaurant (though they are everywhere in the capital).  This is a chain nowadays and have shops all across China.

Donglaishun (東來順 北京大柵欄店)
Tel: 010-63165836


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