Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tianjin Goubuli Baozi (天津狗不理包子 王府井總店)

Tianjin Goubuli Baozi (Go Believe) earned its fame from the Empress Dowager Cixi from the Qing Dynasty.  Maybe the buns were exceptional in her era but the buns nowadays have a disappointing reputation.  Everyone who went there returned with a frown on their face.  I wonder what "Dogy" (the creator of the original buns) would say is he ate these buns... 

The famous buns from Tianjing.  The shop opens early and closes late.  The Empress Dowager Cixi endorsed it too.  I think she needs better chefs... 不吃後悔,吃了更後悔。
The exterior looks fantastic
The original owner's nickname is "dog" (like dawg?).  His shop gets so busy that he ignores his customers... hence his customers call him "dog ignores", which became his buns' brand name.
Dogy and his famous buns

I am a strong promoter of "unless your tried, don't criticize".  Consequently, I went to try these regret-either-way (不食後悔, 食了更後悔) buns.  Since I have very low expectation, I wasn't too disappointed.  They were not great but at least they were edible.  However, they were expensive for what they were and service was poor.  I am glad I tried them but it will be my first and my last visit.

Service is non-existence here.  The shop is owned by the government... and so is all other famous shop of the past.
A crowd has gathered already
This is like 8:00 am.
RMB$45 for 8 buns is quite expensive considering the cost of living in Beijing.
In addition to the buns, the restaurant also offers other side dishes
If it wasn't 狗不理, I doubt it could charge RMB$45 for 8 buns.
Supposedly, there should only be 18 wrinkles on each bun.
... then add the condiments...
The millet porridge is actually quite good, especially with the pickled vegetables.

Tianjin Goubuli Baozi (天津狗不理包子 王府井總店)
Tel: +86 010-65252186
Hours: 07:00 am ~ 10:30 pm


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