Sunday, March 2, 2014

Anchor Bar - Home of the Original Buffalo Wings!

Since we are on the topic of fried chicken, I think it's also a perfect time to introduce one of the classics: Buffalo Wings.  Fried chicken is an universal love and while there are many contenders, there is only one place that can claim to serve the original buffalo wings:  the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.


I happened to be in Buffalo, New York a few years ago for work and of course I had to stop by this iconic place.  Some of my friends wondered how I can find all these places to go while on a business trip, there answer is simple:  Do your research and make the best out of the time you have!  If you don't want any regrets in your life than the first and only thing you need to do is "Live! Or Die Trying".  Let nothing be your excuse.  #YOLO, right?

Anyways, back to Anchor Bar.  This place is charming despite of their wings, which was very tasty nonetheless.  The breading was just right and the wings are large, spicy but not too spicy.  (I love them with ranch / blue cheese dressing!)  They also have live music on the weekends.  Definitely my go-to place for fried chicken and beer if I am in town.


Did you know?  Buffalo Wings was first created by a mom whose son had some hungry friends coming in starving for food around midnight at their restaurant.  All there was left was some chicken wings and hot sauce.  The mom put her think-cap on and whipped up these deep fried spicy goodness which has since become a global sensation!  Another classic case of "you never know unless you tried"!

  • 1047 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14209
  • Tel: +1 716-884-4083
  • Hours: Monday - Thursday 11 am - 10 pm 
  •            Friday 11 am - 12 am 
  •            Saturday 12 pm - 12 am  
  •            Sunday 12 pm - 10 pm

  • Anchor Bar on Urbanspoon


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