Saturday, March 1, 2014

Red Chicken (紅雞 / 홍까이)

Unless you are living under a rock (in Southeast Asia), you must have heard of the Korean drama series: Man from Mars (來自星星的你).  Even a person like me, who normally doesn't watch TV, cannot resist the charisma of Professor Du.  (I am actually partial to the male #2 character.)  星星is currently the hottest show and probably responsible for the sudden increase in registered users in LINE, sell out of YSL lipsticks #52 and #202, and an increase of consumption in fried chicken and beer...  This is almost unthinkable among the calories conscious OLs...  (I am actually looking for ways to buy Naver stocks in Hong Kong... LOL...)

My friend and I went this past Wednesday to get our fix... the more popular places in Hong Kong such as 李家 and Fairyland were so packed there was a 2 hours wait at the door with no reservation allowed (It was a Wednesday!)  In the end, we settled for the nearby Red Chicken.  (We were determined we will consume KFC that night...)


The place was packed, mostly by girls (千頌伊效應?).  Most of the servers are Koreans and communication was limited to point-and-order.  They were all very nice though.  (Too bad for my friend, as she thinks one of the servers is cute.)  The restaurant is still waiting for their liquor license so it's is currently BYOB.


We only ordered a Half-Half Boneless Fried Chicken (半半炸雞) and Spicy Rice Cake (辣炒年糕).  Their menu is quite large so is their portion.  So beware of this when you order if you don't want leftovers!


The tobokki was spicy so beware if you don't normally eat spicy food!  Either we spent too much time taking pictures of our food or the fact that we were sitting under a vent, our fried chicken got cold very quickly.  I prefer the spicy fried chicken as the original was too dry.  I also think the breading could be thinner but overall, the chicken was tasty.  I was in fact most impressed with their pickled daikon (which I thought was beetroot originally) and like in all Korean restaurants, the appetizers come with unlimited refill. (for free!!)


Thus, if you are looking to get your fix under the spell of 來自星星的你 and the other restaurants are too packed, this is a place worth trying :)  

P.S.  Normally, you can make reservation here by phone but they have been so packed lately they may not answer their phone.

Shop B, UG, Pacific Building, 65-67B Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui  
Tel: +852 27227274
Hours: Mon-Sun: 17:00-04:30


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