Saturday, March 1, 2014

Power Shell (蜆勁村 盧爸爸的私房菜) (encore!!!)

When I found out Lam Tsuen was near Tai Wo, I got excited!  Why?  It gives me an opportunity to come here again!  (See my post on my first visit here.)  The dishes this time were even tastier compare to our last visit (how did that happen?)  I can't wait to discover more things to do in Tai Wo just to have an excuse to come here again :)

Remember to make your reservations early!  AND... ask if they have any "Butterfly Clams" (蝴蝶蚝)  I never had them at anywhere else and they were so delicious!!! So good that we had to encore!  One per person is most definitely not enough!

Butterfly Clams (蝴蝶蚝)

Note: This is not the same place :)
Normally, they do no allow 加單 but we were lucky that night
Steamed Scallops
Razor Clams
This was recently added to the menu.
Who knew cabbage can be this delicious!
Another must try :)  Perfect with rice!

In addition to the butterfly clams and menu staples, we also order all their specials for the night.  I am so glad we did!  Their specials are truly special!  Again, it's things I never tried or never knew can be prepared in the way Papa Lo did!  Just thinking of the dishes is making me drool!!!  I honestly think he does a much better job in executing the special items.  :P  By the way, if they tell you they have mullet (烏頭) that night, order it deep fried or however Papa Lo wants to prepare it.  Do not resist.  The way the fish was cut, seasoned and cooked was perfect.  The fish was gone in minutes and all the green onions were eaten too!  It was a harmony of umami packed in a bite.

The bones were fried to a point it can be swallowed as well.

If you are heading to Tai Wo and needed a dining buddy, call me XD

Papa Lo's Power Shell (蜆勁村 盧爸爸的私房菜)
Shop 9A1, G/F, Block C, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po
Tel: +852 6828 0332
Hours: 12:00 pm - 00:00 am

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