Monday, January 28, 2013

Angela's Cafe

I am sure you have heard this one before - "Don't judge a book by its cover".  Have you ever skipped a restaurant because it's located in a supposed "trap".

Angela's Cafe, located in New Yaohan - a department store plus a must-go for Chinese tourists, this place probably screams "Abort!  Abort!" to you.  However, if I want a quality sandwich, this is where I go.  In fact, I have been a long time fan since the beginning of time - when they first opened in the old Yaohan, more than 15 years ago.


The quality has been very consistent throughout all these years (applause!) and I would venture to say that most locals have been at least once.  Just like every other popular places in Macau, the line becomes intolerable after 14:30 (and remains that way till 18:00).  As such, my friends and I always come here for brunch (no later than noon) and I always ended up ordering the same thing - their build-your own sandwich and a cup of hot coffee.

(Note: If you don't mind the smell of cigarette and didn't want to wait in line, the Crystal Lounge & Deli at the Grand Lisboa Macau serves the same sandwiches plus more - it's the same owners.  But since I can't stand cigarettes and I like to shop in New Yaohan afterward, I prefer going to Angela's.)

Their giant croissant is a must-try.  I don't think I ever ordered anything thing else.  Another reason why I don't go there later in the afternoon - the croissant might be sold out.  If I go there with my dad, we will get turkey, roast beef, or ham... otherwise, I always go for the smoked salmon.

I found this picture from another blog.  No copyright infringement intended.

You might wonder, just get 2 sandwiches if your dad doesn't eat smoked salmon.  Well, their sandwich is HUGE!  Half a sandwich is usually more than enough for me.

just looking at this sandwich makes me hungry...

The cafe also offers a tea set on weekends but since I always go for the sandwiches, I never try their tea set.  If I have been missing out, let me know!  

Angela's Cafe
1/F, New Yaohan Department Store (新八佰伴)
Avenida Comercial de Macau
Tel: +853 2872 6055
10:30am – 10:00pm

Disclaimer: Unaffiliated and I bought my own food. 


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