Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheok Yuet Hin (灼悅軒)

One of my best discoveries in 2012, this restaurant has been on my "encore" list forever.  Their signature item is their seafood hot pot and it's a tower of the freshest seafood ensemble not for the faint of heart.  Needless to day, it is a quest in itself to gather enough crusaders to conquer this formidable tower.

In addition to the seafood hot pot, there are numerous delicious side dishes tempting your taste buds and testing the limits of your stomach while you see your neighbors oohing and ahhing over their delicious food.

P1300450 - Version 2
no fancy decoration but it doesn't bother any of us
P1300460 - Version 2
yao tiao with cuttlefish paste

It's crunchy and chewy at the same time - delicious!
P1300458 - Version 2
shark fin & pork bones pot

I thought it was plain pork bones pork and didn't know it has shark fins in the pot.

I don't eat shark fins anymore and I won't knowingly order shark fins. :'(
P1300453 - Version 2
手工蝦滑 & 墨魚滑
shrimp paste and cuttlefish paste (from scratch!)
P1300456 - Version 2
珊瑚蚌 & 桂花蚌
sea cucumber inards

this is actually not a clam / mussels or other shellfish but the inards of sea cucumbers.  

Click here.  (Sorry it's in Chinese only)
P1300463 - Version 2
the seafood tower!  pretty much has everything you can imagine and too much food for 3 people!!!

there were even more varieties but we told the boss to replace some items we didn't like
P1300466 - Version 2
P1300467 - Version 2
P1300468 - Version 2
P1300469 - Version 2
P1300470 - Version 2
P1300471 - Version 2

We ended up finishing all the seafood but left quite a lot of the vegetables and pork bones left.  I can't wait to go back for more!  (e.g. the chicken pot (with no shark fin!), cuttlefish sashimi, etc.)  

Tel: (853) 2826 6525


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