Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hing Kee Dai Pai Dong (興記大排檔)

I love street food.  As much as I love fine dining, street food is my one true love.  Happiness for me is actually very simple:  good friends, beer, and food.  (一班好友, 一支大青, 幾碟小炒.)

All of which makes Hing Kee one of my favorite places for casual gathering.  It's close to where my friends and I live,  food is delicious and cheap, the ambiance is warm and inviting, and there is no dress code.  You can talk as loud as you want and I have seen topless men eating there.  It is also one of the dwindling old style Dai Pai Dong.


This place reminds me of old Macau - loud, borderline impolite, but good-nature and friendly.  You could be talking with your friends and your neighbors who are sharing the table (who are strangers and you may never see again in your life) may join in your conversation giving you their good-nature opinions.  You could be placing your order and the waitress whispering to you telling you to order something else instead because the dish you are about to order is either not good or not fresh.  You could be drinking your beer in a hot summer night trying to cool down and the man across taking off his shirt because that's the fastest way to cool down.  You could be wearing your PJs and flip flops and your friend with her Celine purse showed up and sat down next to you.  To me, this is what makes Dai Pai Dong and Macau special - something I am unwilling to give up even if you are going to give me a whole world in return.

By the way, Hing Kee's signature dish is actually their Huadiao Chicken (招牌獲仔花雕雞).  When I went there last summer, the waitress auntie told me I must come back to try the Huadiao Chicken in the fall (and I should go early since they sell out fast).  I later discover their mutton pot is another must-try in the winter as well.


Hing Kee Dai Pai Dong (興記大排檔)
澳門牧羊巷2號 (觀音堂巴士站隔壁)
Tel: +853 2856 5207 
06:00pm - 12:00am

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated and I paid for my food.


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