Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Taipei] Fika Fika

Fika Fika is a Nordic inspired café within Zhongshan District in Taipei.  In fact, the word "fika" is both a Swedish verb and noun that basically implies "drinking coffee".  I went there for the first time while I was waiting for my turn at Chan Chi Hot Pots Lab (詹記麻辣火鍋).


The interior of Fika Fika is very clean and inviting.  I can totally imagine myself spending an afternoon here~  I heard the pastries are good here as well but since I was going to eat hotpot afterwards, I only ordered a cup of coffee.


The coffee in Taipei is good in general and Fika Fika's coffee is no exception.  The coffee culture is catching up in Hong Kong but still it is nothing compared to Taipei and Seoul.  Perhaps life in Hong Kong is so busy that no one has time to slow down and enjoy a cup of coffee?  (I guess I shouldn't be surprised?)


And if you really enjoyed their coffee, you have an option to bring it home with you too!

No. 33, Yitong St, Zhongshan District Taipei City, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2507 0633
Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
(Random Rant:  There are a few coffee shops in Macau - not gonna mention any names but they were those "single origin" ones - but guess what their opening time is... NOON!!! Are you kidding me?  Coffee is for breakfast!!!)


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