Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chasing Sakura - Japan (15) - Nagoya

After bidding farewell to Takayama, we took the bus to Nagoya.  The ride took approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.  We got off at the JR Nagoya station and my friends left for Osaka right away while I explored the city and meet my friend and her family for dinner!  I found the station quite confusing and there wasn't enough signs.  Nevertheless, I was able to navigate around it in the end and accomplished everything I wanted to do / see in Nagoya!  Yay!

Nagoya from Nagoya Castle
breakfast of the day
this one isn't my favorite
All of a sudden, the snow is gone!

I found out I couldn't use my Kintetsu Rail Pass to ride the subway, Meitetsu (except for the airport line, one time only), or the JR.  (By the way, the Kintetsu Rail Pass is an amazing pass if you are traveling within Kyoto, Mie, Nagoya, Nara, and Osaka.)  Thus, I bought a one-day subway pass for 740 yen.  (The subway takes me to all the places I wanted to go and it's more convenient compared to the Meitetsu.)

The pass makes sense when you are using it for 3 or more rides, or 4 for short distance.
I wish the public transportation in Hong Kong and Macau will practice this as well

Some of the interesting things I saw when I was heading towards the Atsuta Shrine.

Taiwanese banana!  I thought of a favorite Taiwanese blogger of mine almost immediately :)
I always thought of Avocado Sushi,a Taiwanese blogger, when I see Taiwanese banana~
I love checking my coordinates whenever I visit temples, shrines, important buildings lately :P  Who said Fung Shui is superstition?
Me being silly at the Atsuta Shrine
yummy yummy!!!
Yummy unagi rice bowl for lunch at Houraiken

Interesting things I saw when I was heading towards the Yamazaki River:

cute place on the way to Yamazaki River but it's not opened yet...
!?!?   is this.... could this be the Candy Crush company!?
the Candy Crush company!?!?
The scenic Yamasaki River
I was getting sleepy and decided to try this limited edition black coffee.
I still prefer milk coffee over black coffee.
Nagoya Castle

I was supposed to meet my friend at the JR Nagoya station.  Since I still got some time, I walked around the drugstores and did my souvenir shopping~  The prices on the beauty products are higher compared to Osaka but Nagoya has an amazing selection on edible souvenirs!

the eye drops my friend loved and told me to bring back
edible collagen
beauty drinks!
more beauty drinks!
I indulged myself on these throughout this trip
but I don't really see any difference...
I bought this to try, haven't open the bottle yet since I am trying to use up my other base
Nagoya chicken is famous!
I bought this too!
Love Japanese packaging!
Ready to taste the famous Nagoya chicken!!!
Where my friend took me for dinner - Kururu
Catching the Kintetsu train back to Osaka
Nagoya, I will be back!
The JR Nozomi is much faster (50 minutes) but also cost an arm and a leg (5,670 yen one way)
With the Kintetsu Pass, it takes longer (almost 3 hours) but it's much cheaper!!
(The pass is only 3,700 yen and you can use for 5 consecutive days.)
(The one-way limited express Kintetsu ticket already cost 4,150 yen!)
See price and time comparison here.


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