Thursday, July 25, 2013

Houraiken (蓬莱軒神宮店)

This was a meal I have been anticipating during this trip.  I am glad to report it did not disappoint!  Since I went there well passed the normal lunch hours, plus it was a weekday and I was alone, I didn't have to wait at all - lucky!!!

yes... i am saving room for Houraiken!!!

The most popular item on the menu here is the hitsu-mabushi, which allows you to enjoy the traditional unagi donburi in 3 different ways.  (This kind of food is always right up my alley!)


Since I was seated at the counter, I got to witness all the action first-hand.  They are so systematic and thus very efficient.  Everyone knew exactly what they are doing!  I even spotted Chef Enomoto!

You can see Chef Enomoto from this picture!

Most people are either here for the traditional unagi donburi or the hitsu-mabushi.  Of course I am here for the hitsu-mabushi!  After much anticipation, my order finally arrived!  What a big bowl of unagi and rice!!!  The unagi here is crispier compared to the unagi donburi I had at Hirokawa (廣川) in Arashiyama.  Maybe it's because they expect you to pour the soup over the unagi so it has to be crispier to retain its texture?  I enjoyed both but I prefer the unagi donburi from Hirokawa just a tad bit more.  (Perhaps because of the fats?)

That's a lot of unagi over my rice!
I wonder if they could let me special order so i will have tail instead of body next time.
Or at least give me one of each! The tails taste better in my opinion as it's usually smoother.
(more exercise perhaps?)
Bowl #1 - just rice and unagi to enjoy the original taste
Bowl #2 - add the condiments and enjoy a different flavor
Bowl #3 - add the condiments and pour the soup to enjoy yet another flavor!

For bowl #4, enjoy how you love your hitsu-mabushi best!

Houraiken (蓬莱軒神宮店)
2-10-26 Atsuta-ku, Jingū, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
Tel: +81 052-682-5598
Hours: Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:30; Dinner: 16:30 ~ 20:30
Closed every Tuesday

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the restaurant and I paid for my own food.


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