Friday, July 18, 2014

Afternoon Tea - The Lobby @ The Peninsula

So after all these years, I finally went for the afternoon tea at the Peninsula. (What took you so long?)  I'd say it's more about the experience than the food itself and I can finally say I have crossed it out of my bucket list.


It's always lovely to be enjoying an afternoon with friends.  The interior design here at the Lobby reminds me of Waldorf Astoria (i.e. old money, old glam).  Excellent service overall.  In my vain hope, I wish there were less people, namely the tourists, and the guests with terrible twos.  (Some parent brought their toddlers and the kids were screaming, running around, rolling on the carpet, picking random things from the floor and putting it in their mouths... all the while the parents were enjoying their tea and scones... Yes... really...)

Alhough the dress code is "smart casual" here,
every one is actually "sunday casual.

When I arrived, my friends are already there and they have ordered the tea set for two.  It's your classic three-tiered set and comes with their signature scones and various kinds of pastries.  The scones were good but I find myself missing the rose petal jam from Cafe Causette / The Mandarin Cake Shop.

The puff is very good too
even though it is cool, the puff pastry is still very crispy
I am impressed with how perfectly angled these scones were
They are not just looks, they taste wonderful too
Very buttery and crumbles as you break them
Just don't tell me how much butter was added to these...
Except for the scones, the macaron is probably my favorite piece
I really like the tartness of the jam filling
I like loose leaf tea but I don't like the leaves to be in my cup...
Can we get better tea strainer?

The Lobby @ The Peninsula
G/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, 19-21 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2696 6772
Hours: (Mon-Sun) Breakfast 07:00-11:00; Lunch 11:30-14:30; Tea 14:00-18:00; (Sun-Thu) Dinner 18:30-22:30; (Fri & Sat) Dinner 18:30-23:30


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