Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dazzling Café Kiwi

I was in Taipei for work in February 2014 and came here with two (2) of my male co-workers during lunch time.  Since we were working in the same building, it seems a natural choice.

Again, this post jumped my usual chronological queue order because they recently opened a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and a ridiculous queue has formed even though they had a strict 90-minutes limit.  So what the hell are these poeple queueing in line for hours eating?  Honey toasts... I am not kidding.

Matcha & Azuki Honey Toast

The cafe is clearly designed for couples and I can see the "cuteness" sitting in a chair with rabbit ears extension and waitresses dressed in maid uniforms talking in a typical Taiwanese cutsey tone asking you what you want to eat and telling you to be careful when you drink you hot coffee because it is hot.

the infamous rabbit ear chair XD

The most enjoyable part of the whole meal was actually watching the reaction of my two male co-workers.  Both of them were lawyers and one of them flew all the way from New York City and was wearing his suit.  (He is the boss of the other guy.)  It was priceless to see him trapped in the rabbit ears chair eating a sandwich he clearly did not enjoy and almost offended when the cute Taiwanese waitress was warning him about his hot coffee and keep interrupting him when he was trying to eat to appologize about something.  (He was shooting her looks "Do I look like I am stupid?" and "Stop interrupting me when I am eating!")

I swear, this wasn't my idea.  The other Asian guy (his subject) who loves desserts suggested it, I was his accomplice...  He said he wanted his boss to feel first hand the Taiwanese culture so he can better understand how businesses are run here.  Yeah... I totally see his point... :P

Except for toasts, Dazzling also sells spaghetti and sandwiches, which were all less than memorable.  The toast was alright, which translates to "If I have to waste my time waiting in line, I will certainly go eat somewhere else."

I forgot what I ordered already...
It probably wasn't memorable.
Now that I looked back at the pictures,
these wasn't even any latte art!
Mentaiko Spaghetti

It was alright,
tastes just like the one I made with
store-bought mentaiko seasoning at home

Perhaps I just don't find it romantic sitting in chairs with rabbit ears extension eating average tasting toasts?  Sorry, I am just not one of those hopeless romantics... LOL!!!

At least presentation is A+

So again, N-O! you probably won't see me queuing up in front of the Dazzling Cafe in Hong Kong.  Afterall, I already know what the hype is about.

Dazzling Café Kiwi
2/F Breeze Taipei Station (台北市中正區北平西路3號2樓)
Tel: 02-2388-1966
Hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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