Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hung's Delicacies (阿鴻小吃)

There are only 2 ways to get me to write about a restaurant I tried immediately: (1) I was really impressed; (2) I was really disappointed.  Both under the condition that I had time.  Hung's Delicacies is definitely the former.

Look for the shop with the biggest crowd.
That's them.  Guaranteed.

The line was long (I waited for approximately 90 minutes) but it was worth it.  I knew they are closing their North Point location at the end of August so I make it a point to go before they move.

I am not sure if it's Chef Hung's calligraphy but it's so pretty!
If only I can write like this...
The secret spices's in Chef Hung's marinate
(Bonus: learn what these spices are called in English and Japanese)

The shop is very small indeed but I was shocked when I saw Chef Hung himself helping out in the restaurant.  He was very hands on and very nice.  I saw him fixing the sauce on our dish and I was immediately blown away.  Hence, I have to post this like right away (within 24 hours) to show my respect!

Chef Hung's in the house!

I am on doctor's order to stay away from beef, shellfish, alcohol, asparagus, etc. due to a skin allergy.  That means, no goose and no beef for me... /cry!!!  I am trying my best to stay away from chitterlings too (my days of carefree eating is numbered?!?!) but duck's tongues don't count, right?  Yet, I highly recommend you to try the goose and beef shank if you are not under a restraining order like me... The chefs'knife skills is terrific.  You have to see it to believe it.

Some of the best duck's tongues (鴨舌) I have had.
spongy texture and super tender
I almost swallowed the bone too!

Chef Hung's marinate is on the mild side.
My friend prefer darker (and saltier) marinate but this is perfect for me.
The sesame oil accented the dish to another level.
Braised Assorted Vegetables with Red Marinated Tofu Sauce

It's basically a vegan medley in a special sauce.
I am not usually a big fan of this dish
(especially when dried oysters were added)
but I like this :)
Jelly fish (海蜇) and Chicken's Leg Tendons with Sesame Flavor (麻香雞腳筋)

The jelly fish is chewy.
You may not like it if you are adverse to Chinese celery.
The tendons are deboned, may have fragments, but very cruchy and well seasoned.
It's one of the must-haves in my book! 
Pork Intestines (豬大腸) / Pig's Feet (元蹄) / Bean Curd (豆腐)

The intestines is cleaned very well.  No weird smell / taste at all.
The Pig's feet is collagen that melts in your mouth.
The bean curd is hidden underneath the meat and is very soft and tasty.
Another must-have.
Vegetarian Goose (素鵝)

Since I can't eat real goose, we ordered this vegetarian goose.
It's made of bean curd sheets.
Look at the layers!!!
I don't care what other says but I am impressed!
Gai Lan with Shattered Ham and Dried Shrimp in Soup

The gai lan is very fresh and sweet.  Loved it!
Chua Lam's Mix Noodle in Sauce

Chua Lam is synonymous with lard in my opinion. LOL!
Needless to say, there is lard in this dish and it was very good.
I think the sauce pairs very well with the thick noodles.
Ar Hung's Mix Noodles in Sauce招牌撈麵

This one contains no lard and it's chewier than the other one
because of the bean spouts and the thin noodles
This one has more kick to it
My friends and I were divided as to which version we liked more
Just order them both.  You can't really compare them.
They are very different!
Definitely went overboard with all the food...
So full!!!

I am really glad to have come before they moved.  Thank you Chef Hung for the delicious food.  Please stick to the quality standard you have been following all along.  I am sure all the foodies in Hong Kong really appreciates this!  Luckily, the Kung Tong shop is not too far from my office.  I know I will be coercing my co-workers to go with me more often from now on.

Hung's Delicacies (阿鴻小吃)
Shop 4, G/F, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point
Tel: +852 2570 1108 (Walk-in only)
Hours: (Wed - Sun) 13:00-22:00; (Mon - Tue) Closed


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