Monday, July 7, 2014

Shrimp Paste Chicken (Har Cheong Gai / 蝦醬雞)

It is World Cup season and what's better to watch the games with some deep fried chicken wings and frozen beer! 


Recently, Dr. Tay from ieatishootipost posted a picture of Har Cheong Gai on Instagram & Facebook and I was immediately salivating.  I went to the market and gathered all the ingredients as soon as he published the recipe. 

2 pounds of wings, just the middle section
Dr. Tay warned not to get the LKK brand.
Luckily I live in Hong Kong now, a local brand is easy to come by.

Nevertheless, I am not sure I like this one very much.
It was pungent but not exactly in the good way.
I am going to try other brands until I find my favorite...
Will keep y'all posted

The recipe was really easy to follow and the chicken wings were divine!  (All my friends who have tried them said so.)  Yes, the shrimp paste was pungent and smell like rot and it felt forever for the wings to marinate... but it was worth it! 

Prep time <20 br="" mins="">You really can't get any easier than this.
Frying a test batch before the game
just to make sure the seasoning is to my liking
BECAUSE all shrimp pastes are different!

I really didn't need to tweek much...
just added a tad bit more sugar to counter the shrimp paste
I didn't really deep fry them
It's not necessary to me
They were super crispy and juicy and tasty~~~
Love the color of the wings!

Click here for the full post by Dr. Tay!  I really appreciate his dedication to the recipe and easy instructions!  I did make some changes to the original recipe: (1) increased the amount of sugar from 2 tsp to 3 tsp (the shrimp paste was just too much for me); and (2) substituted the flour with corn starch (I ran out of flour at home and that's the closest thing I have.  I think the batter became thinner and crispier because of that). 


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